Important announcement from the WPRA Board of Directors
2021 Special Election for President-As you might recall, in August 2020 your Board re-instated the position of elected president and the bylaws that existed in 2018 as they related to the presidential election. Per those bylaws, all officers and half the directors’ positions will be up for election starting with the nomination consent process beginning in December 2021. Therefore to have an election earlier in 2021 it would be considered a “Special Election,” i.e. not one provided under the rule book. After getting feedback from members, your current Board of Directors felt it was the right thing to authorize a Special Election.

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Special Election – Follow-up Communication

2/18/2021-Last week, we put out initial communication on a WPRA Special Election that will begin this week. We felt it was important to provide more details to our members on how we got to this point in regards to Ms. Cox’s lawsuit settlement and the special election.

From the Office:

President/CEO Update

President/CEO Update

February 1, 2021
Here we are heading into the month of February and while it has been a different type of start to 2021 without the two big stock show rodeos this month...

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Rule Book

A WPRA member is able to buddy with her husband at PRCA/WPRA rodeos. In order to buddy with her husband, the WPRA office must receive a copy of the marriage certificate by the rodeos membership dues date. MORE