By WPRA Office


This is an exciting time for Breakaway Roping and details will be evolving as we move forward in the season. With that in mind, here is some important information.

The WPRA has implemented a new membership type that allows ropers to compete in PRCA Pro Rodeos where WPRA Breakaway Roping is available. This new membership type will also allow you to enter WPRA barrel racing at PRCA rodeos and all divisional circuit events.

If you are a current 2020 Roping Member — Since you already purchased your 2020 WPRA Roping Division Membership, you do have the option to upgrade to the Pro Rodeo Breakaway Card by paying the difference. With the roping membership at $190 and the Pro Rodeo Breakaway membership cost at $395, the difference owed would be $205. Please contact the WPRA Office and we would be happy to assist you. Please note you will want to do this upgrade prior to any Pro Rodeo Breakaway membership dues dates to be eligible to enter. If you elect to stay with your current 2020 roping membership, please note you may compete in divisional circuit roping events only.

If you are a 2019 Roping Member and have not renewed for 2020 — If you have not yet purchased your 2020 membership and are interested in competing at the Pro Rodeo breakaway roping events for the 2020 season please see the new membership form HERE

If you are a 2020 Barrel Racing Card Holders — No additional action is required

Be sure to purchase/upgrade your membership in time for Fort Worth, TX

  • EOO: January 3 1:00pm MT. Through NexGenRodeo.
  • EC: January 7 1:00pm MT. Through NexGenRodeo.
  • Member Dues: December 30 5:00pm MT

If you have any questions please contact the WPRA Office.