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2020 Earnings:

2020 World Standings


Born: June 6, 1997
Residence: Grantsville, UT
Joined WPRA: 2018
Horse: Smokey (7-year old gelding) 
World titles: 0
Wrangler NFBR qualifications: 1 (2020)


2020 Highlights 

• Won $10,203 at inaugural NFBR and won the sixth round in a time of 1.7 seconds, the fastest of the event. Tied for the round 7 win in 2.2 seconds
• Won the first round in Bracket 5 at the Fort Worth (TX) Stock Show and Rodeo with a 2.6-second run; tied for the win in semifinal B in a time of 2.3 seconds and finished fourth overall in a time of 2.8 seconds.

Career Highlights

• 2019 – Won the Wilderness Circuit Breakaway Roping, just 30 cents more than older sister Cassie. Finished the year ranked 26th in the WPRA Breakaway World Standings with $8,248, just behind sister Cassie in 25th position with $8,249.
• 2018 – Finished her rookie year in the WPRA ranked 21st overall with $4,759


Her horse Roy (12-year old sorrel gelding) was named the Wilderness Circuit Breakaway Horse of the Year, 2019.


Pronounced Ba-He...Single…Sister, Cassie Bahe Latham…Qualified for her first National Finals Breakaway Roping in 2020 aboard a horse named Roy (a 13-year old sorrel gelding) owned by her dad (Francis) that she shared with her older sister, Cassie. Horse was born on her grandparents’ and uncle’s ranch in Idaho. Francis had an old head horse that was perfect for Anna’s uncle’s kids so her dad traded that horse for Roy, who was a yearling at the time. Unfortunately on Oct. 18, 2020 the horse underwent colic surgery and following another complication after surgery was put down on Oct. 28, 2020…Learned to rope from her dad.