Champions Challenge 2016

Champions Challenge

Rapid City, SD
February 3, 7:30 pm

Scottsdale, AZ
February 28, 6:00 pm

Redding, CA
May 21

Spanish Fork, UT
June 4

Kissimmee, FL
June 11

July 19

Cody, WY
August 14

Kennewick, WA
August 23

Pueblo, CO
August 31

Pasadena, TX  
September 23

The Wrangler Champions Challenge, presented by Justin Boots, is entering its third full season on the ProRodeo calendar with an expanded schedule, and a slightly amended format.

The 11 teams will include seven Sponsor teams and four Rotational teams. The Sponsor teams will be partially drafted and partially filled by rotation as follows: From the top 15 eligible contestants from the year-end 2015 PRCA and/or WPRA World Standings each Sponsor team will draft two (2) franchise contestants from any separate events they choose and also randomly draw two additional event contestants, giving them a total of four drafted contestants. These four contestants will participate in all 2016 Champions Challenge events for the team that drafted them. The remaining three contestant positions will be filled by each team, prior to Rotational Team selections, based upon the remaining top eligible 2016 PRCA and/or WPRA World Standings 30 days prior to each Champions Challenge rodeo. For only the Rapid City (S.D.) and Scottsdale (Ariz.) Champions Challenges, these contestant positions will be based upon year-end 2015 PRCA and/or WPRA world standings. The Coors team will be allowed to draft all seven contestant positions, will keep the same team members all season and will not be subject to the above requirement to rotate team members.

The four Rotational Teams will have all contestant positions filled by the next highest unselected eligible contestants in the PRCA and/or WPRA 2016 world standings 30 days prior to each Champions Challenge rodeo.

The prize money payout is $16,000 per event at each of the Wrangler Champions Challenge events, with a $400 appearance fee going to each contestant from that payout. With the first-place award of $3,944, this is among the highest of any of the PRCA’s one-go rodeos.

Team standings will be kept and a champion crowned after the Wrangler Champions Challenge Finale this fall.



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