Futurity/Derby Program Nominations


Futurity Nominations
Registered Name Sire Dam Owner Name
1 A Blazin Miracle Blazin Jetolena Shall Be Best Janet Staton
2 A Guy With Try Frenchmans Guy Generals French Lady Lea Baze
3 A Streak of Ka Si A Streak of Fling Clam Up Hayden Todd
4 Barred By French Stormin Ed Miss Sugar Barred Charleen Ornellas
5 Bearly Cashen In Orphan Bear Miss N Sonita Heather Bowman
6 Bogies Triple Threat Frenchmans Bogie Chicks Stay High Caryl Taylor
7 Carmel Macchiato First Moonflash Latte Doodah Vicky Cook
8 Cashen Checks KS Cash N Fame Crackerjack Reina Brittney Barnett
9 Cashy Dash Down First Down Express Cashy Driftwood Noel Cosca
10 Chicados Not Out Yet Chicados Cash OuttaBids Celsey Rater
11 Classy And I Know It CM Dynamite Frost CM Lenas Classy Margaret Jones
12 Cnceasyonthediesel Sinnsuous Firewater Clovers Poco Jet Amber Egger
13 Colour Me Smooth A Smooth Guy Colour of A Lady Tami Semas
14 Cowboy Ta Fame Cowboys Cartel FC Peachfuzz Ta Fame Tami Semas
15 Cute Ivory James Ivory James Tres Cute Kari DeMarais
16 Daddys Lil Diva Bug In My Frosty Wranglers Lucky Lynx Becki Mask
17 Dash Ta Payday Dash Ta Fame Caribella Lacey Robinson
18 Dashin Dynomite Dashin Dynamo GR Playing Hooky Sharin Hall
19 Dee Dees Desire Smartest Haida Ever Smart Little Grackle Callie Van Ooteghem
20 DL Famous Freckle KS Cash N Fame Dox Irish Freckle Sue Ellen Laursen
21 Doc Holliday B Teller Cartel Stoli Bugs Me Janet Staton
22 Dorian Rey Dual R Smokin Play Too Much Billie Ann Harmon
23 Dreaming of Foose Foose Hawks Dream Girl Sharin Hall
24 Driftwood Mona Alone Drifter Firewater Cowgirl Carole Hollers
25 Extremely French Frenchmans Falcon Frenchmans Francesca Linda Vick
26 Fame Has Perks Dash Ta Fame Wonder Whats Perking Jackie Jatzlau
27 Famous Black Gun Dash Ta Fame Lady Perks 20406
28 Famous French Moon First Down French Famous N Sixy Emily Cary
29 Famous Smokin Halo Dash Ta Fame Miss Smokin Annie Hayden Todd
30 FHR Watch N Rio Rock Tinys Watch Rocks HVR Highs Ms Tuffie Lori Lewis
31 Firin For Bullion Firewater Finale Lena May Hilary Van Gerpen
32 Flashin Flitter First Moonflash Miss Firewater Ryon Lacey Harmon
33 FlitWaterFire JohnFame Flitter Little Star Ashleigh Murphy
34 Floincash Susies First Down Magdaiena Rey Flo Mary Jo Camera
35 Frenchamans Moon Dash Dash Ta Fame FC Six French Moon Amy Schimke
36 Frenchmans Boone Dox Frenchmans Falcon Jigs Chaparral Cindy Masters
37 Frenchmans Six Dee Frenchmans Guy Silver Six Dee Lacey Harmon
38 Frosted Up N Fancy Ante Up Guy Frosted Della Sharon Ann Munn
39 Fury of The Sun Fury of The Wind Frenchmans Drifty Go Cindy Baltezore
40 Heavenley JL Dash Ta Heaven Native French Girl Sheena Robbins
41 Heza Streakin Goldmine Ninety Nine Goldmine Cropout Sixes Marci Powell
42 HG Shameless KS Cash N Fame PC Snow White Erin Ricotti
43 High Brow Boomerita Fuel N Sunshine High Brow Nana Hilary Van Gerpen
44 Hoops Stash of Cash Cash N Hooper Smart Little Maria Molleetha Gomez
45 Hot N The Fire Tomahawk N Firewater Count The Colours Carley Richardson
46 HP Chip Chip Chippie Regalist Sisterso Savannah Robertson- Fichtner
47 Im a Famous Firefly Firewater on Ice Rebs Little Fame Kimmi Byler
48 IMA Cash Bug on Fire Fire On Bug Cashed In My Freckle Cindy Lane
49 IMA Six Zee Fame Dash Ta Fame IMA Six Zee Dancer Lauren Crivier
50 Jess An Awesome Blue Jess Louisiana Blue Prissys Awesome Form JJ Baldwin
51 JMS ThisBugs For You Firewater Finale KR Jean Bug Hilary Van Gerpen
52 JoJo Plays For Cash Peppy Plays For Cash Jumpin Jo Jo Callie Van ooteghem
53 JS Bet Red Just Spending Money Dine or Dash Kaillee Hamre
54 JTS Streak of Fling A Streak of Fling TM Jetta Wood Carissa Miller
55 Jumpn To Sizzle Jumpn Jess Sizzlin Hayden Todd
56 Just The Way You Are Roosters Fame Streakin Scat Cat Lacey Harmon
57 JW Poco Imprint Josy Peddlers Lil Smokey JW Poco Sandy Molleetha Gomez
58 KG Fame N Chex KG Azure Winnin Chex Sheza Famous Judge Kathy Grimes
59 Kicken Paco Jess Kicken Fama Y Dinero Hayden Todd
60 KN Fabs Chargetafame Frenchmans Fabulous Hum Dot Com Staci Kelly
61 KN Fabs Cuervo Gold Frenchmans Fabulous Special Ethel Lisa Fernandes
62 Knudy Rudy Knud With Wings Skippa Rudy Ashley Sandra Highland
63 LadyBird Fame Dash Ta Fame Dashin Ladybird Jackie Jatzlau
64 Leon Easy Money Regalist Almost Goodbye Savannah Robertson-Fichtner
65 Lion Inside Me Lions Share of Fame Payday Playgirl Billie Ann Harmon
66 Man Of Fame Dash Ta Fame PC Sun Chilena Vicky Cook
67 Master Happy Cash Judge Cash ZanParSuperstar Marguerite Happy
68 Mimis On Firewater Dash Ta Fame Firewater Fanny Jordan Bassett
69 Miss JB 1214 Chasin Firewater Ta Tornado Kelly Clifton
70 Miss JB 125 Chasin Firewater Maryannes a Blazin Kelly Clifton
71 Mr JB Im Famous Too Dash Ta Fame Miss JB 055 Kelly Clifton
72 MS Flamin Tres Seis Tres Seis MS Flamin Fire Water Kenna Squires
73 Ms JB 128 Chasin Firewater Shake Em Low Kelly Clifton
74 Palena Frostman San Peppy Lena May Annie Hasselbalch
75 Playboy Amigo Cinco Milagro Sister Havana Lisa Fernandes
76 Primo Upton Flaming Fire Water Grade Mare Kenna Squires
77 Quick One TR Dasher Twelving Randee Hedrick
78 Raise UR White Sox Exclusive Patch Treasure Peggy Too Kari DeMarais
79 Rock Em Shake Em Firewaterontherocks TJ Cherokee Maiden Casi Guess
80 Rockin Effort Lessly Cheif Red Rock Flashin Blue Cash Stacey Bevan
81 Rockin Smart Lena Rockin W Jrs Chich Smart Lena Callie Van Ooteghem
82 RT Red Corona The Risk Taker Docs Sapphira Jessica Walpole
83 SA Crown of Glory Good Reason SA Royally Streak JJ Baldwin
84 Scratch At the Gate Bug In My Frost Scratchy Nick Bar Chelsey Rater
85 Senseistional Tres Seis Frenchmans Queenie Tami Semas
86 Shes Blazin Amazin Blazin Jetolena Sixarunner Julie Perry
87 Shine N Tag Chex Whiz n Tag Chex JDS Shining Image Jamie Harris-Sweat
88 Silky Smooth Chic A Smooth Guy Beanie Baybe Chic Ashley Day
89 Sissys Little Corona No Mas Corona Sissys Little Coin Celsey Rater
90 SL Enchanted Dasher Dashing With Cash LDL Scarlett Woman Kimberly Sanford
91 Smartest Despena Smartest Haida Ever Tambers See No Evil Callie Van Ooteghem
92 Smoke N Sunrise Smoke N Sparks Runaway Frenchgirl Ashley Day
93 Smooth Charly A Smooth Guy Pretty N Famous Buffy Walchli
94 Speedy Dinero PC Frenchmans Hayday Ikes Chilena Carly Todd
95 Stairs Ta Heaven JL Dash Ta Heaven JW She Daisy Lyndee Stairs
96 Stevie Stinson Eddie Stinson Sheza Dashin Bully Denise Madsen
97 Streakin Four Whiskey Streakin Four Sixes Oasts and Whiskey Linda Vick
98 Streakin Smooth A Smooth Guy Bee Streakin Bug Tami Semas
99 Streaking Down South Streaking TA Fame Flows Peppy San Cherie Carter
100 Stylish Red Boy Makn Moves Striking Bear Marguerite Happy
101 Sunfire June A Classic Guy Missles Josey Billie Ann Harmon
102 Sway Cool Blazin Jetolena Bear River Comet Buffy Walchli
103 Takin On A Storm Cartel Dancer Highest Straw Heidi Gunderson
104 TLR Classy N Sparks Comin To Shine Merada Smash Talk Carly Todd
105 TS Silent Bid Dash Ta Fame Silent Note Stacy Nelson
106 VF Girl on the Prowl Eddie Stinson Between Bayfriends Sharin Hall
107 VF Nonstop High Nonstop Locomotion VF High on a Stone Jessica Frost
108 Whatta Disco Dancer Oh Whatta Boy Getdownsally Mary Senich
109 Whoopdefreakindo Fishers Ghost Rider Dos Alta Jessica Frost
110 Wickedroyal Primetime Dream Wicked Foosa Cherie Carter
111 Windowdownandcruisin Dash Ta Fame Kels Sixieme Jeter Sarah Zaleski


Derby Nominations
  Registered Name Sire Dam Owner Name
1 Be Assured Im Famous Roosters Fame Hanks Pleasure Gal Ashley Worth
2 Be My Valentine Guy Traffic Guy Hanks Nonstop Faith Jackie Jatzlau
3 Bet On This Lion Lions Share of Fame Mito Sure Bet Kathy Petska
4 Bid For Zahara Visionarian Bid For Perks Theresa Navrkal
5 Blueblazin Hot Fling A Streak Of Fling Ima Blue Dragon Carly Taylor
6 Blushing In The USA Blushing Bug Rosie Is Dashing Dolli Lautaret
7 Bobs Famous Birthday Dash Ta Fame Skylars Birthday Casey Varpness
8 Buggin Perky Buggin John With Honor Perks Lady Pat Little Soldier
9 Bulleva Bully Bullion One Hot Lane Sharin Hall
10 CA Tiny Tim Cat Red Pepper Cat Tiny Jess Linda Lynch
11 Cashs Gotta Gun Susies First Down Hickorys Gotta Gun Mary Jo Camera
12 Cashs Society Pearls KS Cash N Fame MF Jet Charger Sue Ellen Laursen
13 CE Silver Lining Frenchmans Guy Supah Jess Lexie Goss
14 Charge It To Serrina Frenchmans Guy Magics Poco Dee Denise Madsen
15 Chasin My Youth Chasin Firewater Dream The Big Dance Emily Hannaford
16 CKS Its Just About The Gold Its Just About The Gold Chics of Gold Karla Sanchez
17 Colour Me Gone Hot Colours French Wild Heart Cindy Wheeler
18 CrownRoyal N 7 CrownRoyal Frenchman Tiki Too Smooth Brittney Barnett
19 Dashing N Dancing Dashing With Cash SS Looking Fancy Hailey Sheldon
20 Diva Deniro PC Frenchmans Hayday KC Bully Carly Taylor
21 Double R Fame Heza Dash Ta Honor Double R Cocoa Billie Ann Harmon
22 DW Nics Little Joe Nic A Little Lena DW Mini Jo Badger Patricia Raine
23 First Lil Casanova Susies First Down Docs Lil Tart Mary Jo Camera
24 Flaming Holy Socks Within Range Flaming Reed McCue Sadie DeMarais
25 Fols Smokin Ta Fame Una Frio Cerveza Fols Lady Luck Hayden Todd
26 Freckled Rocktari Tinys Watch Rocks Catalope Morgan Leighton
27 French My Frosty Top First Down French Miss Sugar Barred Charleen Ornellas
28 Frost On My Fanny Sadies Frosty Drifty Shake Em Easy Lady Beth Leabo
29 GoGo Fame Dash Ta fame Volley Six Sharin Hall
30 Guys Best Bet Frenchmans Guy Addicted To Cash Lacey Harmon
31 Guys Fame N Fortune Frenchmans Guy Miss Dash Of Fame Lacey Harmon
32 HG Buckshot Bill KS Cash N Fame PC Fancy Wood Erin Ricotti
33 HG Mamas Boy KS Cash N Fame PC Frenchmands Lace Erin Ricotti
34 Hollywoodfrostnshine Shiney White Special Frosty Bar Lori Lewis
35 HPQ Hop Ta Cerveza Una Frio Cerveza Barley Betty Kortney Kizer
36 I Assure U Guys Frenchmans Guy Hanks Pleasure Gal AShley Worth
37 Ill Be Your Spark Eminent Spark Ill Be a Quixote Courtney Cline
38 Im A Sassy Fling A Streak Of Fling Tinys gay Jet Shelley Holman
39 Imma Be Famous Pyron Six LA Fame Sandra Highland
40 Imtoohotnfabulous Frenchmans Fabulous Dropitlikeitshotgirl Susie McConaghie
41 Jaun Pablo Blush Blushing Bug Reposada Dolli Lautaret
42 Jess Plain Good Midnight Corona Sassy Six Gun Margaret Jones
43 JJJ Mattie Gold Fame Eddie Stinson VF Goldie Lacks JJ Baldwin
44 JJJ Roscoe Bully Fame Eddie Stinson GCH Ballerina JJ Baldwin
45 JL Staccato Dash Ta Fame Solara Buffy Walchli
46 JR Famous Player Famous Bugs Dustys Jazzy Dancer Katie Pascoe
47 JR Finally Famous Famous Bugs Dustys Jazzy Dancer Sherrie Jones
48 Just N Thenickoftime As Good As Nick Gets Treasured Times Kathy Branco
49 KG Blazin Nine Oh Blazin Jetolena Do It For Beau Kathy Grimes
50 KG Do It For Fame Dash Ta Fame Do It For Beau Kathy Grimes
51 Kn Fabulous Ladyluck Frenchmans Fabulous Kathy Trena Two Amye Craig
52 KN So Fabulous Frenchmans Fabulous Special Ethel Casey Keeton
53 Kwik Version Winners Versioon Crazy Kwik Chick Storme Camarillo
54 Lil Dash of Honey Dry King San Dashin Gingersnap Hailey Sheldon
55 Little Power Proof Power Proof Sweet Little Nurse Becki Mask
56 MC Peppy N The Money Our Hush Money Peppie MC Derby Jillian Connolly
57 Miz Corona Up Corona Up This Chicks A Ruler Gene Ann Dreyer
58 MS Merri My Fury (DO NOT USE) Frenchmans Fury Savannah Merridoc Paty Raine
59 MS Smart Starlight Junior Starlight Smart Susanne Sami Jo Morisoli
60 Nicks Special K Manors Nick Bar Rebs Special Doll Donna Kalish
61 Nics Shinig Plan Nics Black Diamond Plan To See Chex Randee Hedrick
62 Night Out Willy Roosters Willy Scarletts Night Out Kathy Petska
63 Nowhiskystraittequila Ja Runaway Who Za Lady Now Carrie Kriel
64 Pay The Famous Lady JB Proud N Famous LRA Pay The Lady Margaret Jones
65 Perk On Kate Perks Alive Getdownsally Mary Senich
66 Red Hot N Burnin Red Circle Bar Go Girl Shelley Holman
67 Rockin Hayday PC Frenchmans Hayday Rockin Ross Fantasy Lisa Busick
68 RR Babes Olena Blazin Jetolena Zippos Poco Bonanza Vanda Chess
69 Runaway Leo Volcom Dashaway Winner Billie Ann Harmon
70 SE Over the Moon Live Dynamite Miss Stardust Peppy Marguerite Happy
71 Seventysix Firewater Fire Water Flit Sheza Six Moons Doll Kenna Squires
72 Shes Simply Dashin Quincy Zan Dashin For The Roses Pamela Scheer
73 Sheza Packin Magic Mr Packin Magic Bug In The Wind Cathy Cagliari
74 Skip Cash Ta Leroy   My Stud Leroy Sherry Johnson
75 SL Do U Understand Dashing With Cash Its Molly Hatchet Hailey Sheldon
76 Smashing Red Dragon Fire Water Dragon Reds Smashed Money Megan Kitcko
77 Smooth N Famous A Smooth Guy FC Peachfuzz Ta Fame Tami Semas
78 So French Sticks Frenchmans Chico Stickin To Memphis Deb Christy
79 Speedin For Cash Got Caught Speedin Cash Sign Carol Waters
80 Spit Curl Lena Spit Curl Jess Ducka Lena JJ Baldwin
81 Streakin Double Frost Streakin Ali Ali Jack MS Socks Mallee Jones
82 Streaks Royal Dash Streakin To Dash Royal Good Bye Courtney Cline
83 Streamline Jazzy Brookstone Bay Feature Cool Chick Jordan Bassett
84 Sun Fun N Fame MP Jet To The Sun Sugar Da Fame Sharin Hall
85 TF Dusty Tivio RQH Dusters Playboy LJSR Double Tivio Heather Bauman
86 This Guys No Angel Frenchmans Guy Briscos Angel Jane Melby
87 Three Tymes A Lady Tres Seis Shesnowlady Hilary Van Gerpen
88 Topsail Dasher First Down Express Topsail Delta Patricia Raine
89 Toye Bugs Big In My Frosty Sister Toye Michelle Alley
90 TS A Famous Symbol Perks Status Symbol Jett Ta Fame Billie Ann Harmon
91 TS Broke but Famous Dash Ta Fame Star of Ryon Stacy Nelson
92 Unfaded Fame Famous Charmer Lori Zabel
93 Ux Johnnys Girl Roosters Fame UX Frenchmans Kimmie Mallee Jones
94 West Coast Story A Regal Choice West Coast Cash Savannah Robertson
95 White Collar Corona The Corona Hotternahoochecooche Gene Ann Dreyer
96 Who Dat Bullet Lins First Bullet Who Dat Tiger Lisa Fernandes
97 Woman At The Bar Rios First Flit Bar Shez Ikes Woman Lisa Johnson
98 WS Merri My Fury Frenchmans Fury Savannah Merridoc Patrica Raine







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