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NFRHORSEPOWER SHOWDOWN: Marc Marquez barrel racing against Jackie Ganter



Two Red Bull endorsees, Jackie Ganter and 4-time MotoGP World Champion, Marc Marquez know horsepower. But each ride a little differently. In the ultimate showdown, motorcycle versus horse was a competition for the ages.

Jackie Ganter, one of the top barrel racers in the world, has won her share of barrel racing events. Riding Gatsby, the explosive power, precision turns and synthesis of horse and rider are astonishing. But can she ride faster than a motorcycle?

Marc Marquez, is the defending MotoGP World Champion in motorcycle racing, a title he has earned four separate times. Can he harness the horsepower of a motocross bike and tame the competition in three turns?

On the eve of the 2018 Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas, Ganter and Marquez squared off outside Austin, Texas at Dripping Springs Ranch against the harshest judge of all – the stopwatch – to settle the score.