Lari Dee Guy
James Phifer

By Ted Harbin

NFR Lari Dee Guy Inspires with Speech in Stephenville, Texas


Last week, roping legend, Lari Dee Guy spoke in front of the Cowboy Capital ProRodeo Association committee in Stephenville, Texas. Lari Dee was invited to speak on behalf of women in rodeo as the 50th Annual Cowboy Capital of the World ProRodeo approved the addition of WPRA Breakaway Roping for the first time. This is yet another sign of the impact, growth and popularity WPRA Breakaway Roping is having within the rodeo community.

“Like much great change, adding Breakaway Roping to major rodeo events came in what felt like a tidal wave of 12 short months,” said Lari Dee. She continued by explaining this rise in popularity has been a result of countless miles logged, fierce dedication to the sport and persistent advocating on behalf of the Breakaway Roping community. These ladies are changing the game; each one of them deserve recognition for what they are doing for this sport and the western lifestyle.

“We are at a turning point, and one that the implications we can barely even fathom right now. When you open up opportunities like you did here for us [breakaway ropers], you can’t really know how much it will change because you’re changing the reality in which we, as a society, exist.”

Well said, Lari Dee, well said. With advocates like you, the future of Breakaway Roping is bright.

If you have a moment, we urge you to watch Lari Dee’s speech – CLICK HERE to watch the video. The Cowboy Capital of the World Rodeo kicks off Sept. 27 and runs through Sept. 29.