NFRMessage from the WPRA

July 7, 2019

Recently, we have been informed of a communication that is circulating within our professional rodeo community. First and foremost, this is not an official form of communication from any member of the WPRA Board of Directors. It is interesting that this information is being shared without direct ownership.

These statements are intended to hurt the current standing of the WPRA Board of Directors, our President/CEO and Executive Secretary/Chief Operating Officer, by calling into question our abilities, financial and legal obligations, and the integrity and honesty of our leadership.

We want to address this communication, so you know that this is a serious matter that impacts our broad base of professional WPRA members.

Regarding the PRCA Settlement Agreement:

Regarding the appointed Presidency timeline:


Regarding fraud allegations made against Executive Secretary & Chief Operating Officer, Janet Cropper:

Regarding WPRA meeting minutes:

The Board will be investigating the sources of these statements which are clearly intended to damage the WPRA Board of Directors, its officers and your association. These statements are unacceptable and aim to compromise future growth of the WPRA.

The WPRA is a thriving and financially strong organization, with 3,000 members. It is important to remember that this organization continues to break records in terms of membership and that our financial audits continue to be very strong as we serve a wide-range of needs.

In order to continue this record-setting growth, our member’s voices are at the center of what we do through our circuit directors who collaborate to find the common good for the organization.

Due to these recent statements aimed at hurting our organization, sadly we must redirect the Board’s focus to deal with these issues. The kinds of statements circulating do not help further the professionalism of our sport, culture or lifestyle; in fact, it polarizes us.

Thank you for your continued support of the WPRA. Every challenge presents an opportunity to grow through two-way communication, collaboration and support of one another. We, the Board of Directors, work collectively in the best interest of our members to serve the WPRA, rodeo committees and producers, sponsors, industry partners and fans of the sport.

For the latest updates, please reach out to your circuit directors, stay tuned to the WPRA website and follow us on social media. We are committed to sharing consistent updates with you.

WPRA Board of Directors