Message from WPRA President—Doreen Wintermute
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Over the last several weeks, I have had some great conversations with rodeo committees and sponsors and have realized our current situation with trying to start up rodeo is a bit like the development of a child.

The stages of child development begins by crawling, then walking and then running. There is no set timeframe for children advancing from one stage to the other and each child is unique in their own way. I feel our 2020 rodeo season is much like this when you analyze each rodeo and each states guidelines and restrictions.

The 2020 post-lockdown rodeo season began with Cave Creek Rodeo Days and the finishing of the Super Series in Fort Worth this past weekend. This coming weekend we continue our crawl if you will with the start of the Mesquite (Texas) Championship Rodeo Series with not only the WPRA Barrel Racing but also WPRA Breakaway Roping, so that is very exciting. While the first three weekends at Mesquite are limited to 50 in each event, we hope in the coming weeks we will be able to add more to move from a crawl to a walk.

The following week starting on June 9 with slack in Woodward, Oklahoma, for both barrel racing and breakaway roping one child will definitely be in the walking category as fans will be in attendance. That same week Coleman (Texas) Rodeo will provide another opportunity for the barrel racers.

I would still like to ask everyone to continue to show patience and professionalism, so that in the coming months more rodeos will be able to begin to crawl while others are able to run based on the State they are located in. Our sponsor family remains committed to the western industry and we are in active dialog to see how we can all work together to continue to put one foot in front of the other.

The WPRA Board continues to work closely with the upcoming rodeo committees and the PRCA to determine the outlook for the 2020 season. We know many of you have questions regarding the status of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, the 2020 RNCFR, 2021 Circuit Finals and 2020 membership. Know that your board and the WPRA office are working through these issues to get you answers as we consider not only the impact of 2020 but how these decisions will affect future years as well. Please be patient as we work through what are the best options for all entities moving forward.

In closing, I pray for everyone’s safety while out on the roads and be mindful of your surroundings in order to keep yourself and horses safe.

Doreen Wintermute

WPRA President/CEO