NFRNews from the WPRA Board of Directors Spring Meeting



The WPRA Board of Directors is excited to announce changes to its internal processes to better serve our members. First, the Board is introducing a more focused committee structure. This structure will allow for more effective and in depth program analysis and evaluation.

The Board believes this will improve the Board’s overall efficiency.  Each committee is made up of Circuit Directors, with the chairperson providing periodic updates to the full Board.  The idea is to have smaller groups of Directors spend focused time “vetting” committee plans & issues, so when an item goes in front of the full Board, it is well thought out and decision making is more efficient.

The committees are:

Finals Rodeos (NFR, RNCFR and World Finals)

Barrel Racing Programs (Permits, Divisional Circuit, Futurity/Derby and Juniors)

Roping Program

PESI and the Equine Medications & Prohibited Substances Programs

Brand Management

Business Committee

Second, the position of President will become an appointed position going forward. This change will have several benefits, which include improving the delivery of services to you, helping to more effectively manage committee and partner relationships and providing full accountability to the Board. It is important to remember that the President does not currently vote on Board matters. The WPRA is no different than many other not for profit organizations who are facing a declining pool of willing and qualified candidates for the President’s position. The structure is more in line with how other not for profit and for profit businesses work. The Vice President and Circuit Director positions remain the same; they are elected positions, and their role on the Board and their decision making remains unchanged.

These internal changes will be implemented in mid-April.  With that in mind, your Circuit Directors ask for your input regarding important topics that you would like the WPRA to address in order to keep elevating our sport on a professional level.

In closing, the Board believes these changes will improve how the WPRA works internally and allow the WPRA to proactively meet the challenges and opportunities of an ever changing rodeo world.

The WPRA Board of Directors