Michele Mcleod

Kenneth Springer

By Amy Wilson

A look at the thesaurus and the synonyms for "slick" include: efficient, smooth, polished, and sleek which is exactly what Slick By Design demonstrated in Round 2 of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. The 8-year old black stallion and Michele McLeod turned in a time of 13.89 seconds, and according to McLeod, she just held on for the winning ride, "It was crazy! He was a little on the hook which he doesn't usually be. And I was like, he's fixing to run, I better hold on! And he for sure did it without me cause I felt like I was falling off."

This is the second time McLeod has taken a victory lap at the Thomas and Mack Center - last year she won Round 5 on Kellies Chick "Skye". This time though, she wants to wear the proof. "I won a round buckle last year and the owners got it, so with this one I'm going to tell them they need to give it to me cause I deserve the buckle," she said while laughing.

photoMichele Mcleod
PHOTO BY: Kenneth Springer

The three time Wrangler NFR qualifier continued to smile as she recalled how much she has wanted to top the leaderboard, "I wanted to win a round so bad on Slick. And, I'm so glad it happened tonight." McLeod was also grateful that her equine partner is at the top of his game right now, "He's feeling great. He's running great. And I'm so excited to be back on him. And this is just unbelievable."

The $26,000 check helped McLeod to move up to sixth in the WPRA World Standings while bringing her Wrangler NFR earnings to over $47,000. She currently sits second in the Wrangler NFR Top Gun Standings.

photoMichele Mcleod
PHOTO BY: Kenneth Springer

Also on the line is the chance to win the Jerry Ann Taylor Best Dressed Award, and although the fans probably can't see the small details, McLeod's earrings were perfect for being at the Wrangler NFR. "Well Shea and Tyson Durfey gave those to us this year, all the barrel racers got them," McLeod explained about the custom-made earrings which are a beautiful replica of her NFR back number. "I love them. I wore them tonight, and I might have to wear them the rest of the week," McLeod said while possibly showing a little superstition.

And for more big news, Lisa Lockhart is now No. 1 in the WPRA World Standings thanks to her fourth place finish in Round 2. Lockhart and Louie are showcasing the consistently great runs that we've come to expect from the spectacular duo.

The current WPRA World Champion Barrel Racer, Fallon Taylor, finished second in the round with a 13.93. Third place went to Sarah Rose McDonald and Bling for making a 13.94 second run. Round 1 winner, Cassidy Kruse, was in the money again after claiming fifth place for her 14.03 second run. And ironically, WPRA Rookie Jackie Ganter picked up another sixth place finish for running a 14.09 - the exact same time she had in round one.