Fort Worth 2015-McDonald Dominates the Field in Fort Worth



Sarah Rose McDonald

By Jolee Lautaret-Jordan

Fort Worth, Texas — The 119th edition of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo swung to its conclusion on Saturday, February 7 with two performances including the Championship Round on Saturday night.

No one, in any event, had dominated the rodeo like 2014 WPRA Rookie of the Year Sarah Rose McDonald's and going into the final round it was her title to lose. The Georgia cowgirl carried a three-plus tenth lead into the short round. Behind her, the other 11 ladies qualified into the short round were separated by just over three tenths, running from Alexa Lake's 33.13 to Michele McLeod's 33.48.

The second go wrapped up during the Saturday afternoon performance with Lake taking top honors in that perf. Lake, who is currently ranked sixth in the WPRA World standings, ran a 16.46 second run to finish second in the go round and land second going into the short go round.

The short round however was all McDonald, despite running against the reigning WPRA World Champ Taylor and the last two FWSSR Champions Taylor Jacob and Shelly Anzick.

Running slowest to fastest in the short round, Kenna Squires and Jana Bean were closest to the young phenom, clocking in at 16.48 seconds followed by a good run by Anzick at 16.60 seconds.

However, McDonald, who ran last on the ground as the leader entering the short round, posted the fastest time of the entire rodeo, a 16.32 second effort that ensured that no one outran the Georgia cowgirl and her amazing mare Fame Fling and Bling for the entire duration of the rodeo.

McDonald's three run total of 49.11 was seven tenths better than Bean and Kali Parker, who finished in a tie for second with 49.80 seconds each. Kendra Dickson, who captured her second Jerry Ann Taylor Best Dressed Award title, finished up fourth in the average.

All totaled up, McDonald won an astounding $20,933 for her clean sweep of the field over three rounds. Bean won $8,873 while Parker banked $8,109.

2nd Go Results
1. Sarah Rose McDonald, Fame Fling and Bling, 16.37, $4,936
2. Alexa Lake, Sure Down Dash, 16.46, $4,231
3. Jana Bean, Dashing Klee, 16.48, $3,526
4. Kali Parker, Tuneful, 16.50, $3,056
5. Lisa Lockhart, An Okie with Cash, 16.52, $2,351
6/7. Shelly Anzick, Scooten ta Fame, 16.53, $1,645
6/7. Kendra Dickson, Dr. Te Hancock, 16.53, $1,645
8. CJ Vondette, Cache a Mount, 16.54, $940
9. Kenna Squires, Dash to the Flame, 16.56, $705
10. Katelyn McLeod, Kellies Chick, 16.58, $470

Short Round
1. Sarah Rose McDonald, Fame Fling and Bling, 16.32, $3,656
2/3. Kenna Squires, Dash to the Flame, 16.48, $2,285
2/3. Jana Bean, Dashing Klee, 16.48, $2,285
4. Shelley Anzick, Scooten ta Fame, 16.60, $914

1. McDonald, 49.11, $7,404
2/3. Bean, 49.80, $5,818
2/3. Parker, 49.80, $5,818
4. Dickson, Dr. Te Hancock, 49.87, $4,584
5. Squires, 49.89, $3,536
6. Taylor Jacob, EC Flashy Nickbar & Honor Thy Frenchman, 50.05, $2,821
7. Anzick, 50.06, $2,116
8. Fallon Taylor, Flos Heiress, 50.09, $1,410
9. Jill Tanner, Credit ta Fame, 50.32, $1,058
10. Michelle Lummus, Mia Bugs Kid, 50.46, $705

Other Short Round Qualifiers
Alexa Lake, Sure Down Dash
Michele McLeod, Kellies Chick

Total Money Won
McDonald, $20,933
Bean, $8,873
Parker, $8,109
Squires, $6,516
Lake, $5,112
Anzick, $4,675
Taylor, $4,466
Romany Gordan, $4,231
Jacob, $3,702
Mary Buger, $3,426
Meghan Johnson, $2,351
Lisa Lockhart, $2,351
Tanner, $1,939
CJ Vondette, $940
Deb Guelly, $881
Lummus, $705
Katelyn McLeod, $470