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Sarah Rose McDonald

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By Jolee Lautaret-Jordan

Fort Worth, Texas— The theme of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo (FWSSR) WPRA barrel racing over the last two days has been what a wicked weekend. With five performances over two days, the ladies have turned on the afterburners with gorgeous runs changing up the leader board and each performance having at least three sub-seventeen second runs.

The FWSSR invited 210 WPRA barrel racers to compete for its huge committee purse of $35,000. The best 70 from the first round will get another chance in the progressive round which begins Wednesday, February 4. The top 12 on two runs will chase the championship in the short round on Saturday night, February 7.

The wild weekend began in the 13th perf, the second Saturday morning performance of the rodeo, and it did not begin auspiciously. In fact, after 120 runs and only 12 hit barrels, the first two ladies went off pattern.

Georgia cowgirl Michelle Lummus made up for the rocky start with a smoking run of 16.77 seconds. Lummus rides Mia Bugs Kid, an eight year old solid paint mare she calls Mia.

"I bought her as a two year old and trained her myself," said Lummus. The performance landed her in eighth at the moment but the leader board was about to change up more.

In the 14th perf, Saturday afternoon, the times got even better. Idaho cowgirl Kali Parker started it off, stopping the clock aboard her young mare Tuneful in 16.68 seconds. Former Jerry Ann Taylor Best Dressed Award winner in Fort Worth, Kendra Dickson, upped the ante aboard Dover with her run of 16.66 seconds.

Then it was Georgia again. 2014 WPRA Rookie of the Year Sarah Rose McDonald has been wowing crowds across the country since joining the WPRA last spring. She streaked to a 19th place finish in the World standings in 2014, sealing the Rookie title with a dramatic finish at the Justin Boots Championships in Omaha.

McDonald and her stellar mare Fame Fling and Bling, aka Bling, rode wild through the pattern inside the Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum, bringing the crowd to a fever pitch as she spun tightly around all three turns. Another outstanding lefty, Bling and McDonald stopped the clock in 16.42 seconds, the best run of the rodeo by two tenths over 2014 WPRA World Champ Fallon Taylor at the time.

Rounding out the amazing performances, Denver National Western Stock Show winner Meghan Johnson and her mare Nellie Laveaux continued their hot streak with a 16.63 second run which landed her third at the moment.

An all-star lineup appeared for the huge Saturday night crowd, the 15th of 29 performances. Leading things off was the 2013 WPRA Rookie of the Year and Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo Champion Taylor Jacob. Jacob elected to ride a back-up horse, EC Flashy NickBar, aka Kip, and not her superstar, Honor Thy Frenchman, aka Bo, and the duo turned in a great run of 16.67 seconds.

Alicia Stockton got in the action, posting a 16.76 second run, while 2012 WPRA World Champ Mary Walker (16.84), Wrangler NFR qualifier Jane Melby (16.85) and Andrea Busby (16.93) all in deep in the progressive round.

However, leading the perf was the 2006 WPRA World Champion Mary Burger. Burger rides Sadiesfamouslastwords, aka Mo, the big yellow horse that carried her to a big go round check here a year ago as well. Mo and Burger stopped the timers in a time of 16.58 seconds, second-best at the time.
Burger trained Mo after buying the colt as a two year old.

"He won about $50,000 in the first six months [of his four year old futurity year] but got crippled with bruised navicular and coffin bones until he was five," says Burger. "He is now six and has won $93,000."

In perf 16, the Sunday matinee, the ladies cooled off a bit with four managing 16's led by Jaime Barrrow's 16.90 seconds. Following behind her was Carley Richardson (16.91), Kara Large (16.94) and Cheyenne Shipps (16.99).

Burger's position in second lasted just 24 hours as Coloradoan turned Texan Romany Gordon blistered the pattern on Sunday night during the 17th performance. Just last month, Gordon won two rounds of the Texas Circuit Finals Rodeo. In Fort Worth, she headlined a perf that boasted three 2014 Wrangler NFR qualifiers and she shined as she ran a 16.48 second pattern, second best thus far.

"His name is Ozzie," says Gordon of her gelding. "He's 16 or 17 and I've had him since he was two or three."

Gordon trained the gelding on the barrels and won nearly $13,000 last season.

Just two days—four performances—remain before the field is cut for the progressive round and the standings are tight. The 70th hole currently is 17.13 seconds.

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Current Standings
1. Sarah Rose McDonald, Fame Fling and Bling, 16.42
2. Romany Gordon, Ozzie (grade), 16.48
3. Mary Burger, Sadiesfamouslastwords, 16.58
4. Fallon Taylor, Flos Heiress, 16.62
5. Meghan Johnson, Nellie Laveaux, 16.63
6. Kendra Dickson, 16.66
7/8/9. Alexa Lake, Sure Down Dash, 16.67
7/8/9. Deb Guelly, Dealin Flashy, 16.67
7/8/9. Taylor Jacob, 16.67, EC Flashy Nickbar
10. Kali Parker, Tuneful, 16.68
11. Sabrina Ketchum, Easz Six, 16.74
12/13/14. Shelby Herrmann, TS Doc San Lena, 16.75
12/13/14. Michele McLeod, Kellies Chick, 16.75
12/13/14. Kelly Tovar, BB French Fooled Ya, 16.75

Fort Worth, Texas
Barrel Racing – Go Round 1 thru 17 performances
Event Standings as of 2/01/2015 at 8:06 PM CT
List courtesy Ft. Worth rodeo secretary

1. Sarah Rose McDonald 16.42
2. Romany Gordon 16.48
3. Mary Burger 16.58
4. Fallon Taylor 16.62
5. Meghan Johnson 16.63
6. Kendra Dickson 16.66
7. Alexa Lake 16.67
Deb Guelly 16.67
Taylor Jacob 16.67
10. Kali Parker 16.68
11. Sabrina Ketcham 16.74
12. Shelby Herrmann 16.75
Michele McLeod 16.75
Kelly Tovar 16.75
15. Alicia Stockton 16.76
16. Michelle Lummus 16.77
17. Callie DuPerier 16.78
18. Megan Swint 16.80
19. Kim Couch 16.81
20. Kelly Allen 16.83
21. Mary Walker 16.84
Jana Bean 16.84
23. Brooke Jeter 16.85
Laura Kennedy 16.85
Brittany Pozzi 16.85
Kenna Squires 16.85
Jane Melby 16.85
Brooke Rix 16.85
29. Tracey Austin-Ivy 16.86
30. Kelley Carrington 16.89
31. Jamie Barrow 16.90
32. Carley Richardson 16.91
33. Jessica Leach 16.93
Shelly Anzick 16.93
Rachel Primm 16.93
Andrea Busby 16.93
37. Britta O'Keeffe 16.94
Kara Large 16.94
39. Carmel Wright 16.96
Fonda Galbreath 16.96
41. Kassidy Dennison 16.97
42. Angela Gilliam 16.98
43. Cheyenne Shipps 16.99
44. Lisa Lockhart 17.00
Liz Herrin 17.00
Morgan Breaux 17.00
47. Katelyn McLeod 17.01
Angie Meadors 17.01
Natalie Bland 17.01
Jessi Fish 17.01
51. Natalie Foutch 17.02
52. Clay Sewalt 17.03
53. Callahan Crossley 17.04
Layna Kight 17.04
55. Kaylee Gallino 17.06
Brittany Kelly 17.06
Britany Diaz 17.06
58. Dawn Lewis 17.08
Trula Churchill 17.08
Lacey Harmon 17.08
61. Tasha Walsh 17.09
62. Shada Brazile 17.10
63. Kelly Koeppen 17.11
Brittany Grant 17.11
Jamie Ashford 17.11
Sheena Robbins 17.11
Kylee Schumacher 17.11
68. Martha Wright 17.12
69. Cindy Woods 17.13
Heather Humphries 17.13
Samantha Lyne 17.13
Kylie Ward 17.13