2018 Earnings: $89,127         Career Earnings: $670,524

Back No. 84
Hometown: Salem, Ore.
NFR qualifications: 3
Joined WPRA: 2015

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CP Dark Moon "Paige" (9-year old mare) - Sire: Darkelly/Dam: SRQH New Highs; Junos Royal Flush "Jen" (11-year old mare) - Sire: Dash Of Royal Gold/Dam: Royal Wrangler Sarah


Contestant Quick Minute


1. Excluding qualifying for the Wrangler NFR, what are your top 2 highlights of the 2018 season.

Winning at Ft. Worth and San Angelo.

2. Which rodeo is still on your "bucket list" to win?

Calgary Stampede!

3. At what point during the season did you know you had a lock on the Wrangler NFR?

At the end of the September.

4. What are you most looking forward to doing/experiencing in Las Vegas?

Getting to run down the alley at the T&M again.

5. Have you ever been to LasVegas other than the NFR? What shows, or events are your most favorite things to do?

Been to Vegas too many times to work conventions, probably done it all over the years.

6. What has been your proudest moment this past season?

Winning the Heber City, Utah after a four month break.

7. How would you describe your horse's running and turning you think the Thomas & Mack environment will compliment it?

Hard running and hard turning. Paige loves the Tomas and Mack, she will be happy to be back!

8. What are you most thankful for?

My family, my horse, my sponsors, who make this all possible to go down the road.

9. List your sponsors

Purina, 5 Star, Double J Saddlery, Cowgirl Tuff, CRRanchwear, OE, Silverlining Herbs, TightjointsPlus, Professional Choice, and MRY Activet

10. Who or what keeps you most grounded and humble?

The sport of barrel racing will keep you humble. It’s loaded with plenty of ups and downs.

11. Who pushes you most to achieve an NFR qualification?

This year my family kept pushing me to keep the dream alive.

12.  What kind of support team do you have, i.e.

  1. Driver or someone who figures out the logistics of getting to all the rodeos, i.e. layovers? I do it myself
  2. Someone who gets them entered in the rodeos, keeps track of standings? Do it myself
  3. Vet and Farrier while on the road? Depends on the location
  4. Personal trainer? No
  5. Sports psychologist? No
  6. Accountant? No
  7. Financial Backers? None

13. What is your go to snack food on the road?

Dried fruit and nuts.

14. Do you travel with any animals other than your horses and if yes, tell us about them.

Allie Jo- my Shiatzu/Chihuahua  mi. She provides plenty of entertainment.

15. Have you ever sung karaoke?  What is your favorite song to sing?

No Never!

16. What is your favorite app on your phone?


17. Which do you enjoy watching more, television or movies?  What types: drama, sports, comedy, romance? Which specific ones are your favorite?

Movies, Enjoy a good comedy.

18. Have you endured any “life changing” moments?

The day I purchased Paige.

19. Rodeo life is full of obstacles and challenges. What was your greatest challenge this year and how did you overcome it?

Paige was off April to August to heal from an injury. I waited patiently, -which was not easy - until I had the “all clear” from my vet to go again.

20. What life lesson did you learn from your challenges this year?

“Patience is a virtue” Doing the right thing is not always easy, but it paid off.

21. If you could live in any other area of the US other than where you now reside where would it be?

I would still live in Oregon, I’ve seen lots of states while driving, and still would choose Oregon.

22. What sport other than rodeo would you shine in?

As long as there is a horse involved, we would be good to go.

23.What is a daily "must do/have" to keep your life organized or stress free?

Enough sleep.

24. What is you #1 "must have" for keeping your trailer organized and stocked as needed?  Would it be in the horse area or living quarters area?

Having enough feed from home to keep my horses on their own diet. Not sure I am ever truly organized!

25. What's a misconception about barrel racing?

“It’s all fun and games” It takes a lot of work to keep a rodeo barrel horse safe, comfortable, and healthy. It’s a full time job.



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