2018 Earnings: $88,342         Career Earnings: $141,955

Back No. 60
Hometown: Caldwell, Idaho
NFR qualifications: 1
Joined WPRA: 2015

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Famous Cool Whip "Cool Whip" (7 -year old sorrel gelding) - Sire: Dash Ta Fame/Dam: Had A Kanita; Shu Fire (8-year old mare) – Sire: Dash Of Royal Gold/Dam: Fire Water Flyer



Contestant Quick Minute


1. Excluding qualifying for the Wrangler NFR, what are your top 2 highlights of the 2018 season.
Winning 2nd in the second round at Redbluff CA by 3 tenths, and placing 3rd in avg. That’s a tough rodeo set up on true rodeo ground… and it was the first time I really knew Cool Whip had what it takes to be great in the rodeo arena. Prior to this.. all his super fast times were at futurities, derbys, and rodeos with awesome ground and good setups.

2. Which rodeo is still on your "bucket list" to win?
Nampa ID… I love that rodeo and that set up!

3. At what point during the season did you know you had a lock on the Wrangler NFR?
Sep 30th!! Lol ?

4. What are you most looking forward to doing/experiencing in Las Vegas?
That first time down the tunnel, with my husband there on a horse we raised.

5. Have you ever been to LasVegas other than the NFR? What shows, or events are your most favorite things to do?
We go several times a year for NRCHA shows, and the world series of team roping.

6. What has been your proudest moment this past season?
Going from 16th in the world to 14th… by placing or winning in the last 7 rodeos of the season. When the pressures on, and you are able to rise to the occasion… I don’t care what sport your in… that will make you feel proud of yourself.

7. How would you describe your horse's running and turning you think the Thomas & Mack environment will compliment it?
Cool Whip is big with a huge stride, yet he’s been extremely competitive in small pens. So I’m just hoping he likes this one! :)

8. What are you most thankful for?
A husband that supports all my crazy ideas and goals, our two girls who inspire me every day to be a better person, and my parents for giving me this love of rodeo.

9. List your sponsors
Classic Equine
Rios of Mercedes Boots
Roo-Hide Saddlery
Kimes Ranch Jeans

10. Who or what keeps you most grounded and humble?
My kids, Shawny and Sierra, and my brother Tom Clark.

11. Who pushes you most to achieve an NFR qualification?
My husband Jake. Hes the one who told me I better enter all the CA rodeos this spring, and he even volunteered to drive for me over the 4th of July run.

12. What kind of support team do you have, i.e.
a) Driver or someone who figures out the logistics of getting to all the rodeos, i.e. layovers

b) Someone who gets them entered in the rodeos, keeps track of standings
As far as logistics, layovers, and entering… I am the one man team. But when we combine our cow horse friends with our rodeo friends, we have a pretty fantastic network of people calling and offering places to stay.

c) Vet and Farrier while on the road
I rodeoed from home 90% of the time… So I was always able to use my vets Billy Maupin and Stuart Shoemaker at Idaho Equine Hospital in Nampa ID.
And I know I wouldn’t be here without my amazing farrier Waco Burford!!

d) Personal trainer
A few Jillian Michaels videos in the trailer ;) lol

e) Sports psychologist
Im pretty good at talking to myself on the long drives.

f) Accountant
ME…. Seriously, should something happen to me, Im not sure Jake even knows what bank we use.

g) Financial Backers- None

13. What is your go to snack food on the road?
Cheese, grapes…. Wine.

14. Which former NFR or World Champion Barrel Racer would you seek rodeo advice from and why?
Sue Smith! Besides being one of my best friends, she is an incredibly handy trainer. I called her multiple times over the summer needing advice, and she was amazing on all things horse and tack… just don’t ask her any questions regarding entering!

15. Do you travel with any animals other than your horses and if yes, tell us about them.
I got a Cheagle (Chihuahua x Beagle) puppy at Clovis this spring. So that little dog has seen some miles in his short life.

16. Have you ever sung karaoke? What is your favorite song to sing?
No Way! Singing is my very very worst talent!

17. What is your favorite app on your phone?
Facebook or Snap Chat.

18. Which do you enjoy watching more, television or movies? What types: drama, sports, comedy, romance? Which specific ones are your favorite?
Both… and as much time as I spent driving with Netflix, I discovered Im a fan of just about anything. Comedy top pic this summer “Why Him”, Drama Series “Ozarks” and “Breaking Bad”, Documentary “Down The Fence”.

19. Have you endured any “life changing” moments?
When my girls turned 7 and 8… they were in school all day, and I wasn’t “needed” as much. Something just hit me, saying I needed to find my own path and identity again. I loved, and still love being the wife to a super successful horse trainer, but that alone wasn’t fulfilling enough for me. Jake completely understood.. that year he bought me a 2yo Playgun out of a Dash Ta Fame mare.. A few years later I was running Playguns Fame and Famous Cool Whip in the futurities. They ended up both being great horses, and 3 years later Im at the NFR.. pretty freaking crazy!!

20. Rodeo life is full of obstacles and challenges. What was your greatest challenge this year and how did you overcome it?
My greatest challenge was, entering around my kids junior rodeos, and Jakes horse shows….And not forgetting to enter the kids and Jake! I would study my entry sheets way more than anyone ever needs too…but sometimes that 4th logistical scenario would actually be the best fit for my family. So my advice as far as overcoming this obstacle, is to do the extra work and choose the outcome that best supports ALL the people involved. It makes it so much easier for everyone else to support you, when the time comes for you to be selfish. Karma has a way of helping you out when you need it most!

21. What life lesson did you learn from your challenges this year?
Pretty Cliché, but “not to worry about the things you can not change”. When Cool Whips soles got sore and too thin… I could not make his feet grow any faster. As soon as I decided to not enter, and stopped myself from worrying about it…I received a random email from Connie Mccormmick, offering me the most legit “backup” horse anyone could think of, in Shu Fire. Whips feet grew, he got sound and I won quite a bit of money on Shu Fire in the mean time.

22. If you could live in any other area of the US other than where you now reside where would it be?
I Love where I live!!

23. What sport other than rodeo would you shine in?
Dog training…. You should see the tricks this Cheagle can do ;) lol

24.What is a daily "must do/have" to keep your life organized or stress free?
Lists, with more lists and a few sticky notes stuck on the original list.

25. What is you #1 "must have" for keeping your trailer organized and stocked as needed? Would it be in the horse area or living quarters area?
Keeping my traveling partner Rainy Robinson out of it!

26. What's a misconception about barrel racing?
#1 misconception or pet peeve of mine is when someone tells me they have a really hot crazy acting well bred horse… that I need to buy to run barrels on. Great barrel horses have great minds… and most great barrel horses, would have also excelled in multiple other events.



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