2018 Earnings: $146,826         Career Earnings: $680,102

Back No. 109
Hometown: Cottonwood, Calif.
NFR qualifications: 3
Joined WPRA: 2008

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Rafter W Minnie Reba “Sister” (10-year old blue roan mare) – Sire: KS Cash N Fame/Dam: Espuela Roan



Contestant Quick Minute


1. Excluding qualifying for the Wrangler NFR, what are your top 2 highlights of the 2018 season.
My top two highlights would be winning Houston and Cheyenne, they were two of my bucket list rodeos that I love going to and I will never forget those wins.

2. Which rodeo is still on your "bucket list" to win?
Pendleton would probably be on my list to win, I would love to say that I conquered the grass.

3. At what point during the season did you know you had a lock on the Wrangler NFR?
By the fourth of July I was feeling pretty good about our position and by the end of the month I started to slow down and think about giving my horse a break.

4. What are you most looking forward to doing/experiencing in Las Vegas?
I just love everything about the rodeo, it is the best rodeo to be at and experience. I just love the sport and being able to be there is such an honor.

5. Have you ever been to LasVegas other than the NFR? What shows, or events are your most favorite things to do?
I have actually lived in the city for a couple of years so I am pretty familiar with it and feel pretty comfortable there. Aside from a couple of my favorite restaurants I don’t have any big plans for the city this time around we are just going to focus on the rodeo.

6. What has been your proudest moment this past season?
I think Cheyenne was a proud moment for me because my horse really came through for me in some pretty tough conditions.

7. How would you describe your horse's running and turning you think the Thomas & Mack environment will compliment it?
My horse is very smooth and she doesn’t really waste time around her turns so I am hoping she will keep it smooth for 10 rounds.

8. What are you most thankful for?
I am very thankful for my family and the horse that got me in this position.

9. List your sponsors:
Platinum Trailers, Corral Boots, Wrangler, Equithrive, Total Equine, Haleakala

10. Who or what keeps you most grounded and humble?
My children for sure, they have a way of bringing me back to reality.

11. Who pushes you most to achieve an NFR qualification?
I have tons of encouragement from my family, my parents have always tried to encourage me in whatever I wanted to do and my husband is very supportive of me to make this happen.

12. What kind of support team do you have?
My support team consists of mostly family and friends who are willing to go with me to help with the kids or to help me drive, I have a vet and a farrier who are on speed dial if I should ever need any help on the road, and my husband usually helps me do a lot of the things I am not very good at like scheduling and sponsor commitments and more of the business part of rodeo.

13. What is your go to snack food on the road?

14. Which former NFR or World Champion Barrel Racer would you seek rodeo advice from and why?
I think all of them have something great to offer and I feel lucky to get to be around a few of them and learn whatever I can.

15. Do you travel with any animals other than your horses and if yes, tell us about them.
We just added a new puppy to our team so traveling with a dog will be a new experience for us.

16. Have you ever sung karaoke?  What is your favorite song to sing?
No! That is something that terrifies me to the core!

17. What is your favorite app on your phone?
The weather app, it gets a lot of use when we are traveling so much.

18. Which do you enjoy watching more, television or movies?  What types: drama, sports, comedy, romance? Which specific ones are your favorite?
I’m pretty hard to empress when it comes to tv or movies they have to be really good for me to enjoy it. Needless to say I don’t watch much of either.

19. Have you endured any “life changing” moments?
My most life changing moment was having children. They definitely changed my perspective on life.

20. Rodeo life is chance full of obstacles and challenges. What was your greatest challenge this year and how did you overcome it?
Trying to decide what is right for my horse is always a challenge and we are constantly thinking her best interest but unfortunately she cant talk so trying to figure out what is best takes a lot of thought and sometimes you get it wrong.

21. What life lesson did you learn from your challenges this year?
Rodeo is so unpredictable so I have learned that you just have to roll with things if they don’t quite go your way.

22. If you could live in any other area of the US other than where you now reside where would it be?
We visit a ton of beautiful places throughout the year so it is hard to pin that down but I would choose somewhere warm, I don’t think I would handle the snow very well.

23. What sport other than rodeo would you shine in?
As a kid I always liked playing basketball and tennis

24. What is a daily "must do/have" to keep your life organized or stress free?
Downtime is important for me, it helps me think well and get my thoughts organized.

25. What is you #1 "must have" for keeping your trailer organized and stocked as needed?  Would it be in the horse area or living quarters area?
I try to keep some non-perishable food in the trailer so if we leave in a hurry we have something to snack on.

26. What's a misconception about barrel racing?
For some reason people think barrel racers don’t get along with each other but my experience with other girls have always been pretty positive.