2018 Earnings: $90,496         Career Earnings: $179,553

Back No. 81
Hometown: Nowata, Okla.
NFR qualifications: 1
Joined WPRA: 2006

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DJG Madison "Dolly Jo" (12 -year old bay mare) - Sire: Royal Blue Chew Chew/Dam: Run Madison



Contestant Quick Minute


1. Excluding qualifying for the Wrangler NFR, what are your top 2 highlights of the 2018 season.
Winning St. Paul and Ellensberg.

2. Which rodeo is still on your "bucket list" to win?

3. At what point during the season did you know you had a lock on the Wrangler NFR?
After winning Omaha.

4. What are you most looking forward to doing/experiencing in Las Vegas?
Running down the alley of the T&M.

5. Have you ever been to LasVegas other than the NFR? What shows, or events are your most favorite things to do?
No. Overwhelmed by the thought.

6. What has been your proudest moment this past season?
Dolly Jo Being able to make several runs and stay sound and solid over the 4th of July run.

7. How would you describe your horse's running and turning you think the Thomas & Mack environment will compliment it?
She really likes big outdoor pens best. She can handle any type of ground and clocks in any size pattern so she will be fine.

8. What are you most thankful for?
My son and my family.

9. List your sponsors:
Rock and Roll Cowgirl, Oxygen, Schriever Performance Pads, LubriSyn, Mike Fester Insurance, Marcotte Veterinary Clinic, Robbie Phillips Saddlery, and DC Construction!

10. Who or what keeps you most grounded and humble?
My family and believe in God.

11. Who pushes you most to achieve an NFR qualification?
My family and friends who won’t let me come home, not just one person.

12. What kind of support team do you have, i.e.

  1. Driver or someone who figures out the logistics of getting to all the rodeos, i.e. layovers
  2. Ruse Bradley told me to keep going, she’s my friend and sponsor and found me Alicia to enter me.
  3. Someone who gets them entered in the rodeos, keeps track of standings
  4. Alicia Stockton enteres me, I could not do it without her telling me where to go.
  5. Vet and Farrier while on the road.
  6. I come home to my vet and farrier; I am funny about other people working on Dolly Jo.
  7. Personal Trainer
  8. Sports psychologist
  9. Accountant
    Yes-Sherri Lucas takes care of me and tells me what to save
  10. Financial Backers
    No-Now I do since I made the NFR

13. What is your go to snack food on the road?
Lean Cuisine to dinners

14. Which former NFR or World Champion Barrel Racer would you seek rodeo advice from and why?
I trust Renee Ward

15. Do you travel with any animals other than your horses and if yes, tell us about them.
Dog Zoe. She is old and has to stay with me.

16. Have you ever sung karaoke? What is your favorite song to sing?

17. What is your favorite app on your phone?
GPS lol!

18. Which do you enjoy watching more, television or movies? What types: drama, sports, comedy, romance? Which specific ones are your favorite?
Western movies.

19. Have you endured any “life changing” moments?
When I had a wreck with my son and my son saw God or Jesus- he was four years old.

20. Rodeo life is full of obstacles and challenges. What was your greatest challenge this year and how did you overcome it?
Being homesick and missing my son.

21. What life lesson did you learn from your challenges this year?
Pray and take a deep breath and don’t stay gone longer than two weeks at a time!

22. If you could live in any other area of the US other than where you now reside where would it be?
Nowhere. My community is the best!

23. What sport other than rodeo would you shine in?
I would not shine in any sport. I am an artist and make beadwork.

24.What is a daily "must do/have" to keep your life organized or stress free?
I just “ask Rosie” she organizes her husband, CR Bradley, so she can organize me.

25. What is you #1 "must have" for keeping your trailer organized and stocked as needed? Would it be in the horse area or living quarters area?
I don’t organize…

26. What's a misconception about barrel racing?
That we ride crazy horses.