Pozzobon and Hinton Battle to the Finish at 44th Canadian Finals Rodeo


Jamie Hinton

Mike Copeman


By Jolee Jordan


Edmonton, Alberta Canada—Just one week ago, Carman Pozzobon traveled to Edmonton for her second Canadian Finals Rodeo (CFR), carrying a lead of just under $4,000 over her closest competitor, Lynette Brodoway. She traveled about 700 miles from her home in Aldergrove, British Columbia.

Meanwhile, Jaime Hinton’s trip from her home in south Texas was about three times longer. Hinton rodeoed north of the border for the first time in 2017, qualifying for her first CFR in ninth position. She entered the CFR more than $14,000 behind Pozzobon.


Carman Pozzobon
Photo by Mike Copeman

Pozzobon brought her stand-out mare Ripp back to Northlands Coliseum after a successful first trip here a year ago where she won more than $10,000. Winning nearly $30,000 at the rodeos, Ripp pulled double duty as she also had a successful year in derby competition.

For Hinton, her dance partner was the indomitable bay horse known as The Goob. The Goob soared to pro rodeo heights after only making six runs last season due to serious injuries which could have cost him his career.

With both cowgirls and their ponies ready for action, what is expected to be the last CFR in Northlands provided the stage for an awesome shoot-out between two rising stars in professional rodeo barrel racing.

With the 12 high money winners in the Canadian Pro Rodeo Association (CPRA), the CFR is a six go round chase for the title of Canadian Champ. Each round and the average offer more than $11,000 to the winner for a total payout above $200,000.

Hinton took second on her first trip around Northlands in round one on November 8, falling in behind round winner Diane Skocdopole, the 2017 CPRA Rookie of the Year. Skocdopole stopped the clock at 14.695 to Hinton’s 14.724. Pozzobon was just .039 seconds behind Hinton in third place. (CPRA rules require the ladies barrel racing to be timed down to the thousandths of a second.)

Pozzobon ran to second on the second night of the CFR, just six one-thousandths of a second behind round winner Rene LeClercq, whose time was 14.567. Hinton took fourth to slot in second behind Pozzobon in the early average standings.

Thirteen-year old Taylor Manning stole the headlines on Friday night and Saturday afternoon after the CFR rookie won two straight go rounds on her horse Matlock. Manning’s 14.432 on Friday was the fastest of the week at that point.

Hinton finished second in each round behind the teenager to take over the average lead while Pozzobon missed a check for the first night in round three and managed just a fifth place check in round four.

Running for the second time on Saturday, Oregon cowgirl Callahan Crossley and her super senior Brownie broke through for the rodeo’s fastest time at 14.346 seconds for the round win. Pozzobon and Hinton were second and fifth, respectively.

With one final performance to end the Canadian rodeo season, the two cowgirls were running neck-and-neck. Hinton had closed the season standings gap down to $8,800 and Pozzobon took back the average lead by the tiny margin of .004 seconds.

On Sunday afternoon, the duel continued between Hinton and Pozzobon with Hinton winning her fourth second place check of the week and Pozzobon picking up a fourth with just under a tenth between them.

The final round time difference was small but just enough to clinch an average win for Hinton; the final margin over six runs was just .088 seconds while the gap to third place cowgirl Kirsty White was a full second.

Hinton pushed Pozzobon to the max in the standings as well but in the end, the Canadian title stayed north of the border by just $182.49. Ripp was name the CPRA Barrel Horse of the Year.

“She is definitely one in a million. She loves to go running on to the trailer every time we are heading out to another rodeo and always tries her heart out when she sees that first barrel coming down the alley,” Pozzobon posted to Facebook.

Pozzobon spoke with Mike Labelle on Limelight Audio and Media’s Facebook page.

“It was a main goal this year [to win the Canadian title],” she said, adding that she bought Ripp as a three year old and started her out working in a feedlot before advancing to aged competitions and eventually rodeo.

“It was a wicked year,” Pozzobon said of the competition at the CFR.

“I was honestly just trying to get that season leader like Ty did and continue to keep the family happy. Just do the goals and live like Ty did,” Pozzobon notes of family member, Ty Pozzobon, a champion bull rider who passed away earlier this year at just 25 years of age.

For more info on the CFR. visit www.rodeocanada.com.

Full Results
Round One

  1. Diane Skocdopole, JG Hectors Pizzazz, 14.695, $11,213
  2. Jaime Hinton, OJS Tex Wood, 14.724, $8,338
  3. Carman Pozzobon, Ripn Lady, 14.763, $5,463
  4. Sydney Daines, Honor Before Fame, 14.803, $2,588
  5. Lynette Brodoway, SR Root Sixty Six, 15.015, $1,150

Round Two

  1. Rene LeClercq, Flirt for a Diamond, 14.567, $11,213
  2. Pozzobon, 14.573, $8,338
  3. Skocdopole, 14.659, $5,463
  4. Hinton, 17.713, $2,588
  5. Kirsty White, Special Tack, 14.873, $1,150

Round Three

  1. Taylor Manning, Good Little Nick, 14.432, $11,213
  2. Hinton, 14.581, $8,338
  3. LeClercq, 14.673, $5,463
  4. Daines, 14.777, $2,588
  5. Callahan Crossley, Brownie Bi Bogie, 14.787, $1,150

Round Four

  1. Manning, 14.643, $11,213
  2. Hinton, 14.652, $8,338
  3. White, 14.785, $5,463
  4. LeClercq, 14.842, $2,588
  5. Pozzobon, 14.861, $1,150

Round Five

  1. Crossley, 14.346, $11,213
  2. Pozzobon, 14.449, $8,338
  3. Kellie Collier, Jig French Truckle, 14.756, $5,463
  4. White, 14.756, $2,588
  5. Hinton, 14.776, $1,150

Round Six

  1. Crossley, 14.454, $11,213
  2. Hinton, 14.568, $8,338
  3. Manning, 14.634, $5,463
  4. Pozzobon, 14.660, $2,588
  5. LeClercq, 14.714, $1,150


  1. Hinton, 88.014, $11,213
  2. Pozzobon, 88.102, $8,338
  3. White, 89.044, $5,463
  4. Jackie Ganter, Recent Release/Guys French Jet/Cartels Fame, 95.527, $2,588
  5. Skocdopole, 98.847, $1,150