NFRSheridan, WY Payout Update - Revised


8/20/19 - The Board reviewed again the payout for the 2019 Sheridan, WY rodeo. They confirmed their use of rule 10.9, which explains how to apply the day money system.  To recap the main points of the day money system and how it applies to the Sheridan system:

1. Money won will be determined by the day money system and those points will count toward WPRA World standings per rule 10.9.3.
2. Per rule 10.9.3 and the day money system, each performance will be figured individually.
3. Because the judges and committee cancelled slack due to dangerous conditions, in order to be fair to contestants, the Board decided to allow everyone who entered slack to be drawn out regardless of reason or timing. Only the entry fees from the performances will be included in the pot along with the committee’s prorated added money.
4. Per rule 10.9.3, points will not count toward the ProRodeo Tour or Wrangler Network Tour bonus programs.
5. Lastly, this rodeo will only count at a circuit level, it will not count for your world rodeo count.