June, 2020

RopeSmart Releases its first Science-Based Training System In 2009

The Science Behind The Products

RopeSmart is known for the blue dummy “with the pole”. The Smart One is one of the best selling roping dummies on the market today. This dummy helps erase the wave offs, flat loops, early deliveries, and split horn misses that plague ropers of all levels. It also includes collapsible spring-loaded legs, a realistic heel loop opening (based off the underbelly of a steer), allows roping turning, dragging on hard surfaces, and includes position alignment features! It shapes a ropers loop angles, planes, heights and positions to help an individual unknowingly. This all from the ground, while developing and maintaining the fundamentals that are needed from roping horseback.

Not just for team ropers…




The Smart One is known for its diversity. Heading, heeling and calf roping. This dummy has additional length horns, and a removable calf head that stores underneath the body for easy loading to be able to practice anywhere.

The calf roping head attachment is proven to develop the same loop angles on the ground that are needed from horseback. Unlike other dummies that have heads high, this one has a realistic head that has its head down and forward just like a hard running calf. (Bonus feature: The smooth slick surface doesn't allow for poor loop build to catch!)

See what the experts in the industry are saying…




We know it takes a lot more than luck to take home a World Champion buckle… and that is why we are giving you the inside scoop on one of the products, 2019 World Champion Heeler, Wesley Thorp swears by.

Introducing to you… The Smart Heeler

This unique training tool comes complete with 15 different adjustment combinations as well as:

● Multiple locking leg angles 
● Adjustable height for easy, medium or hard training
● Base handle for easy carrying - assembles in seconds
● Hip ring frees the rope from lock grabbing
● 3 piece breakdown for easy travel 

“It is easy to pack around, and it is nice because you can get a couple extra loops in before you rope.” - Wesley Thorp

The multiple height positions range from 1in to 8in in ground clearance. (The Smart Heeler offers 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro.)

It forces you to develop diversity in your bottom strand (This creates an all-around heel loop, that you can replicate on horseback.) The Smart Heeler also has a hip aiming reference and creates a realistic roping scenario. This reference also doesn't allow the rope to fall over the frame.

Still unsure about what training equipment is the best for you and your training program? Take the 60 second quiz to find out which roping dummy World Champaion, Wesley Thorp, would recommend for you!


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