Standings-Pro Rodeo Circuit-Great Lakes

The following standings and rodeo count are unofficial and subject to audit. The hometowns listed below reflects the current mailing address on file. They may or may not represent the circuit designation.

The required circuit rodeo count for the Great Lakes circuit is 15 for residents and 15 for non-residents.

(The following rodeos are NOT included in your rodeo count unless you placed, Rodeo Count will be updated for all contestants once rodeo has been audited)

Rodeos not included in Rodeo Count:

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Great Lakes
Rodeos Attended
1 Lacinda Rose Willard, MO $1,390.26 0
2 Jordan Moore Mauston, WI $1,298.13 0
3 Ashley Baur Virnamwood, WI $1,067.84 1
4 Angela Galliher California, MO $561.03 1
5 Carla Baumgartner Center Point, IA $347.98 0
6 Tamie Jo Martin (R) Woodlake, MN $231.73 1
7 Lindsay Leverington Troy, MO $121.96 1
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