Doreen Wintermute


By Doreen Wintermute

December 1, 2016

What a great WPRA World Finals we had in Waco and my hats off to all the world champions. A big thanks to the WPRA Staff, Board of Directors and our amazing sponsors for such wonderful awards. It was so exciting to see the ladies collecting all their winnings. The Tao Tao Scooters were a big hit and fun to watch the ladies checking out their new rides.

I would like to thank the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and congratulate the top 5 breakaway ropers in the world from 2016. The top 5 breakaway ropers in the WPRA World Standings received an automatic invitation to the Western Horseman Invitational Women's Breakaway Roping event on January 24, 2017. This is a great event for our ropers and we thank Fort Worth for recognizing our top ropers.

It was so great to see so many members from across the United States at the WPRA World Finals. We had ladies from as far as Canada, Pennsylvania, Maryland, California, Idaho, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington, and Florida. This is definitely becoming a must get to event and I encourage each and every member to have this on your radar screen for 2017 as there are so many opportunities for our members and their equine partners. The dates in 2017 will be October 19-23.

Now on to the Wrangler NFR and a busy end to the 2016 year. I am excited to see all the ladies who are punching their tickets to the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo. By the time you read this all circuit finals will be completed except for Texas, Montana and First Frontier. This is an exciting time with all Circuit money and the All American Finals money counting towards the 2017 World Standings for the first time ever. Between the Circuit Finals, All American Finals and our Card Holder race that was held at the WPRA World Finals in Waco, we have several ladies off to a fast start in the 2017 World Standings, so it should be good watching throughout the year.

To all members of the WPRA, you should have received in the mail your 2017 Rulebooks and renewal membership applications. If you haven’t received them, you can view them on the WPRA website. Familiarize yourself with the rulebook as it is important to our Sport and how things are governed. Most of all, I would like to remind all members to renew your membership NOW if your haven’t already done it!


Between October 1st and December 31st as a 2016 member you can compete on your 2016 card or permit. If any 2016 member competed and won money at any of the following events that counts toward 2017 World Standings, such as Rodeo, Divisional Circuit Co-approval jackpots, Circuit Finals, and All American Finals, between these dates and does not purchase their 2017 membership before December 31st 2016, all money won during these dates will be forfeited from the 2017 World Standings. Don’t forget to buy your 2017 card or permit NOW!!!  The 2017 year ahead will be an amazing year with lots of opportunities to make your dreams come true!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy the holiday season with family and friends.

God bless, 


October 31, 2016

What a record breaking year this has been and such an exciting time in the WPRA! A big congratulations to the Top 15, who have qualified for the Wrangler NFR. What an exciting time for each of them especially the six who will be making their first run down the alleyway at the Thomas and Mack on Dec. 1.

The Board was able to get a NFR ground rule change made in regards to the run order. In the past the first round would go from 15-1, but I am happy to report this year it will be from 1-15 and then rotate every two like in the past for the following rounds. We hope this will be a good change for everyone. Speaking of No.1, how great is it that one of our own will wear the No. 1 back number at this year's NFR? This will only be the third time in the history of the NFR that a WPRA member will pin the No. 1 back number on her back. A big congrats to Mary Burger for achieving this goal and equally a congrats to Charmayne James and Sherry Cervi for having this honor in 1987 and 1995, respectively.

I hope each of you have had a chance to check-out our new website. It has a nice fresh look and hopefully easier for you to navigate through to find the information you are looking for. A big thanks to the office, who worked hard to make this transition possible.

Circuit Finals are well underway and we have already had some great competition. Remember this year that money won at the circuit finals counts towards the 2017 world standings. In addition to the circuit finals, the money won at the recently completed All American counted to the 2017 standings and the 2017 RNCFR winnings will be added to the world standings as well. So as you plan your 2017 season, be sure to include a goal to make your circuit finals and the All American rodeos, giving you more opportunities to realize your dream of one day qualifying for the NFR.

With the horse breeding season right around the corner, I wanted to remind all of our members and stallion owners about the WPRA Pro Elite Sire Incentive (PESI ) program. This program is a sire incentive to reward stallion owners, breeders and owners when a horse is successful. Literally, the program is a place where stallion owners can unite in marketing and rewarding people for both choosing to breed to their studs and for owning and winning on offspring. Basically, you pay to enroll your horse as a one-time fee and then you reap the rewards every time you win on that particular horse at an event that has PESI Bonus money. There are no additional entry fees, it truly is bonus money to you the horse owner. Along with the owner, the breeder and the stallion owner also receive bonus money checks. So before you finalize your breeding plans this next year, take a few minutes to look at the stallions enrolled (www.wpra.com) in the program so you too can earn some of that bonus money.

This has been a great rodeo season with records being broken not only in our barrel racing division but also our junior division. We thank all the rodeo committees for their continued support of the WPRA and to our members for being a part of this great Association.

Best of luck to all those still competing for 2016 titles and good luck to those who have started their 2017 season.

See you in Las Vegas and God Bless,


October 1, 2016

Wow, how did the end of September and the beginning of October get here so fast?

For many of you, no doubt this is still a busy time of the year. To those of you who qualified for the 2016 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Polaris RANGER, may I offer a hearty congratulations on your achievement! It has been an exciting year watching you work your way through the Pro Rodeo Standings. I am excited for all of you. To those of you who are qualified for your 2016 Ram Circuit Finals, it is going to be extra exciting this year, as money won at the circuit finals will also count toward Pro Rodeo Standings.  Next month, I promise to have more to spotlight about you ladies and the excitement that waits ahead for you.

For so many others, now is the time that you start setting next year’s goals and thinking seriously about how to make 2017 your best year ever. Last month, I briefly highlighted some key opportunities waiting for you at the 2016 WPRA World Finals in Waco, Texas. I hope you give this amazing event serious consideration for kicking off your 2017. With a $15,000 added cardholder race that counts towards Pro Rodeo Standings, this race should be on all cardholders “to do” list. Permit holders are given a rare opportunity with a $7,500 added permit race that allows them to compete among themselves to try to fill their permits. World Champions will be decided in Futurity and Derby division, in the Junior division and in each of our Roping events. All of the World Finals events are exciting and competitive and brought to you from an absolutely great facility, with fabulous ground and an amazing production team. So with $100,000 added in cash and bonus money up for grabs in one weekend, I hope to see and visit with many of you at this event.

As you read this month’s issue of WPRN, please be sure to take a look at the 2017 rule proposals decisions. The Rule Proposal Committee and your Board works very hard to understand each proposal, the intention behind it and if it were a good fit for the WPRA. It takes a lot of hours and many meetings to get to a final decision. There are two proposals that I want to point out to you. The first is a bylaw rule addition that covers membership criteria. For decades the WPRA has sanctioned professional barrel racing events. These events allow us to deliver World Championship Barrel Racing(R) at its best and to recognize each year’s World Championship Barrel Racer(R). This bylaw supports what the WPRA brand stands for and provides clarity around our membership criteria. It reads as follows:

Membership in the WPRA shall not be granted to anyone who is an officer, director, board member, employee, or who has an ownership or financial interest of any kind in a Conflicting Rodeo Association.  Such persons will not receive membership or renewal of membership of any kind with WPRA.  For purposes of this rule, A Conflicting Rodeo Associations is:  (i) any national non-profit company, partnership, association, or entity, or (ii) any “for-profit” company, partnership, association, or other entity: whose direct or indirect purpose is to produce, promote, or sanction professional rodeo contests in which contestants compete in two or more of the following events:  barrel racing, bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, bull riding, tie down roping, steer wrestling, and team roping. This rule excludes All Women’s Roping Events.

The second proposal has to do with our Patch program. While there are more details in the rule proposal decision section of this issue, briefly we have added more flexibility for sponsors (and importantly national sponsors) to have their patches be worn by members and have outlined our violation fines.  

Lastly, as you read this note, 2017 membership applications are coming into the WPRA office quickly. The office will be mailing your membership card and 2017 rule book to you in early October. Meanwhile, you can also find an electronic version of the 2017 rule book on our newly designed web site. Yes, I said newly designed web site. More about the web site next month. 

See you in Waco, Texas, for the World Finals and God Bless!



September 1, 2016

As we draw to the end of one rodeo season (2016) and the start of another season (2017 - starts Oct. 1), I wanted to remind each and every one of you of some new opportunities to keep in mind as you build your plan and set your goals for the new season.

The 2016 WPRA World Finals-  October 20-23, should be at the top of your list in October!

This amazing event in Waco, Texas (which the WPRA puts on) is a great way to jumpstart your 2017 rodeo year. Our $15,000 added Card Holder race is a straight pay, 2 round and a short go format and importantly counts toward your 2017 World Standings.  A special Permit ONLY race with $7,500, is a once a year opportunity to fill your permit, while competing against other Permit Holders.  We also crown Year End World Champions in Futurity/Derby, Juniors, and all of our Roping events including the All Around. A fast and furious Slot race and the All Women’s 5D jackpot round out a great 4 days in Waco. The facility and ground are excellent.  I hope to see you there.    

The WPRA Board of Directors approved a measure set forth by the PRCA in which money won at the All-American Finals in Waco, each of the 12 individual Circuit Finals and the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo will be added to a members' 2017 World Standings that determine qualification for the Wrangler NFR, as well as other top rodeos throughout the year.

While all three of these events are open to the top ladies, they are more focused on those that haven't yet made the jump to chase the Wrangler NFR or those that are held back due to family, job or other circumstances that keep them closer to home. This new measure could have the potential to open the door and provide a path to those who have always dreamt of the Wrangler NFR.

The All-American Pro Rodeo Series, in its seventh year in 2016, is a collection of smaller rodeos with a total purse of less than $30,000 in added money. To qualify one must compete at 30 All American Series rodeo’s and earn enough money to be ranked in the top 30 to qualify for the All American Finals in Waco, Texas on October 8th – 15th. In 2015, contestants competed for a share of more than $450,000. More information can be found at www.wpra.com. 

Ram Circuit Finals Rodeos are held in each of the 12 circuits and for the first time will have the money won count to the world standings. In the past, it was used only to determine the final circuit standings as the top money earner and average winner earned a spot at the Ram National Circuit Finals. Refer to the circuit finals schedule at www.wpra.com for more details.

The Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo made big strides in 2015, when it moved to Kissimmee, Fla., and offered a payout of more than $1 million in cash and prizes, including a travel stipend to all contestants to offset their travel expenses. Now, in 2017, it takes another step forward with the money won counting toward the world standings determining qualification to rodeo's "Super Bowl."

So for those in a position to take advantage of these opportunities this coming year, Congratulations. For those not quite there, I encourage you to look at working these events into your rodeo schedule and your goal making as you never know where it might take you.

Remember that Hard Work Will Pay Off! Also keep in mind these are the opportunities the WPRA gives for all its members to help their Dreams to Come True!

God Bless,


August 1, 2016

Happy Summer!

I hope this is a great summer for all of you. While weather is never always perfect, so far it has been kind to most all of our July rodeos across the country. With so many rodeos to go to, there are many opportunities for our members to compete and make their dreams come true. And that is really what the WPRA is about. While each of us has our own specific goals, we joined the WPRA to compete at a professional level in the barrel racing sport that we love.  So here is what I think of when I say the words “Women’s Professional Rodeo Association”.

WOMEN’S…. This is the only “Women’s” professional barrel racing association in the world that will take you to a competitive level that no other association can. The programs we offer provides opportunities for every member to achieve their dreams. Whether it’s the Wrangler NFR, the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo, your Circuit Finals or a Roping World Champion, you can do it here. 

PROFESSIONAL… Yes, that’s what we are and that is what gets you to the top. Barrel races at rodeos are fast, exciting and professional. Our rulebook sets the standard for safety (for you and your equine partner), for fair competition (so everyone has a chance to win) and how we present ourselves. From how we look in our western attire with beautiful button down collared shirts, and exciting western hats to how we conduct ourselves at a rodeo, we are role models, so always remember to be one. Other contestants, aspiring barrel racers, rodeo committees and the public, love our event and follow what we do. That makes me want to be positive, kind and above all grateful. 

RODEO… That is what we love. It is the energy, the excitement and the competition, that makes rodeo so special. We are the only recognized women’s event in professional rodeo. Through our partnership with the PRCA, our cowboy professional counterpart, we get to showcase what we do and compete on a level like no other at rodeos across the country. Our rodeo partners put up a lot of money (as added money and to pay for the rodeo production), they work hard (many times all year long working to get ready and with unpaid, volunteer staff) and do everything they can to give you their best platform to compete. We appreciate our committees and PRCA Stock Contractors for their efforts in producing rodeo events.

ASSOCIATION…  That’s what we are. An association of women, of members. Our association was started by women and our association is managed by a Board of women.  Our association is a reflection of our members.  As an association, take the time and look back at our bylaws and remember what our purpose is. While there are several points to our purpose, a key one was and continues to be to raise the standards of our sport to among the foremost in American sports. What a powerful aspiration and one that past, current and I am sure future members will want to achieve. 

WOW, what a great Cowboy Christmas!! It was awesome to see all of our talented and amazing WPRA members and their athletic equine partners compete, win and earn money to go to their Circuit Finals and the Wrangler NFR! There were over 35 rodeos in just one week alone. That takes a lot of planning, traveling and creativity to make it happen. Congratulations to Taylor Jacob as the top Money winner with $28,270. What a great accomplishment. Cowboy Christmas moved Taylor up into the top 10 of the World standings. Way to Go!!!  

I got to attend part of the Calgary Stampede and what a great experience.  The Calgary Stampede Rodeo Committee was so welcoming. They treated me (as I represent you) like a part of their family! Over and over again, they made it clear that they couldn’t be happier with all the WPRA qualifiers and the role the WPRA and our barrel racers play in their event. They tried hard to make the ground good, consistent and fair (mother nature sometimes made that a bit challenging). They raked after each run, they took the tractor in during intermission and then AGAIN before they set the barrels up for the race. I offer a big THANK YOU to Mr. John Rule, Mr. Robert Wise, Mr. Barry McGrath and their entire team for all the efforts they put into an amazing event and the barrel race. It is truly the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to MARY BURGER for winning the Calgary Stampede. Mary and Mo were the talk of the town. The crowd went wild when they entered the arena and even got a standing ovation. The Stampede committee was very happy! I just love making good memories with an awesome rodeo family.

God Bless,



July 1, 2016

I hope each and every one of you are making plans to join me at the 2016 WPRA World Finals, Oct. 20-23, in Waco, Texas. I am very proud of what this event has become and I encourage each member to take advantage of this opportunity to be showcased at YOUR Association's World Finals. This is the only event we own that brings all of our programs together in one location, and you should be proud of it. I thank those who have made the trip in the past and hope to see more do the same this year.
This year's event offers over $100,000 in added and bonus money.

Eight world champions will be crowned in the following divisions All-Around, Breakaway Roping, Team Roping Heading and Heeling, Tie-Down Roping, Futurity, Derby, and Junior. There will also be an exciting WPRA cardholder race that counts for 2017 standings, a WPRA permit only event and a Slot Race showcasing the fastest horses and riders in our sport. All action will be webcast live on HorseSports Network with special bonus coverage on the Wrangler Network.

The WPRA World Finals team works hard to make this event a prestigious one. Last year, they ran over 1,700 runs and the Ground stayed awesome! They run two arenas simultaneously with the Roping Division in one arena and all the barrel racing events in the main arena. This is a team that works hard for you, so remember these are the opportunities every member should be a part of and support your Association that helps make your Dreams come true.

Check www.wpra.com for more information and to enter. DON’T MISS AN EVENT THAT IS DESIGNED FOR YOU!!!

I would like to brag a bit on the young lady that is gracing the cover of the July Women's Pro Rodeo News - Laney Robinson. Laney is aspiring to be our 2016 WPRA Junior World Champion and has already smashed the previous earnings record in the WPRA Junior Division. She is looking to follow in the footsteps of two former Junior members, Callie duPerier and Jackie Ganter, that reached the pinnacle of the sport last year when they qualified for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. Callie took home the WPRA World title, while Jackie won the WPRA Rookie of the Year. Seeing these ladies' dreams come true at the NFR was amazing and proof that the Junior Program is a beneficial stepping stone to the pros.

This is what the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association offers every member - the Opportunity to make Dreams come true !!! So get involved and follow your dreams!

God Bless,

June, 2016

As we enter the heart of the rodeo season, planning your rodeo schedule becomes a priority. I wanted to take this time to remind you of a program specific to the Women's Professional Rodeo Association that was created as a way to provide additional opportunities for all members to reach their Goals!
This program is called the WPRA TOUR!

The WPRA Tour program was created in 2012, and is a program that has grown to give opportunities to all members of the WPRA by providing a path into some of the best limited entry rodeos nationwide. Initially the program allowed each Circuit Director to select two rodeo's in their circuit to be part of this program. In 2016, we have grown to five rodeos per circuit and five in Canada, totaling 65 rodeos nationwide.

The WPRA Tour Program is designed for these 65 rodeos to serve as qualifying rounds to get into limited entry rodeos such as Houston, Calgary, Denver, Austin, Prescott, Ariz., and Tucson, Ariz. With this unique Tour, WPRA members that can't rodeo full-time still have an opportunity to reach their goal of competing at RodeoHouston and the Calgary Stampede.

Two ladies that took advantage of the WPRA Tour in the inaugural year included Jean Winters and Shada Brazile. Winters, won the WPRA Qualifying Tour race at the WPRA World Finals in 2012 to earn a spot in the Calgary Stampede. She would go on to win the 2013 Calgary Stampede and qualify for her first Wrangler NFR. In 2012, Brazile captured the most points on the new WPRA Tour earning her a spot in the Calgary Stampede in 2013. With her success and opportunities in 2013, she would go on to secure a berth in the Wrangler NFR. So the WPRA Tour can open doors that can lead to great success.

The WPRA Tour is based on a point system. The point system starts with 15 points to the winner of the rodeo and goes down to the last position that monies are earned. The standings are then used to determine qualification for the limited entry rodeos where applicable based on the rodeo approval.

Many of the 65 rodeos on the WPRA Tour will be contested in the upcoming months, so be sure to visit the WPRA website for a complete schedule, standings, and the information you need to put this into your plans for 2016!

This program works!!!
This program provides opportunity!!!
This program is what all WPRA members are asking for!!!
This program can be put into you rodeo route!!!
This program will make your dreams come true!!!


Good Luck!

God Bless

May, 2016

As we bloom into the month of May, there are many awesome parts of the WPRA that all members should know. This month, I would like to address the WPRA Corporate Partnership program and the important role that it plays in our association. We are honored and excited to be expanding our family of Corporate Partners because without them we would not be able to provide the numerous opportunities that we do to our members.
The WPRA has two levels of corporate partners - National and World Finals only. This month we will address the national level partners.

Joining the WPRA family as National Level Partners for 2016 are:

Resistol Hats, specifically their new line of RideSafe hats. They join the WPRA as the official protective head gear. Resistol Ridesafe is a helmet designed to look like a cowboy hat to keep the tradition but to offer the protection for the safety of the barrel racer. Stay tuned for more information on this hat line.

Nutrena - Nutrition for a lifetime. They join the family as the Official Equine Feed and Pet Product Supplements of the WPRA. They are a very reputable and long standing company that makes great products for horses and pets alike.

Professional’s Choice - a company that provides great horse products, with the latest technology to support your horses’ ability as an athlete! Their company philosophy is "The more comfortable the horse the better the performance," if your horse is not wearing the correct equipment you can't expect them to perform at its best. They offer many innovative and colorful products from which to choose.

Exiss Aluminum Trailers - since 1994, Exiss Aluminum Trailers, Inc., has revolutionized the industry by production top-quality aluminum trailers at prices consumers can afford. Their personnel have more than 30 years of experience in the trailer industry and can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Circle Y/Reinsman - America's Leading Saddle Brand that has been hand crafting saddles since 1960. They joined the family last year providing championship saddles to our Roping, Futurity/Derby and Junior World Champions. We look forward to our continued partnership.

These Corporate Partners join our solid foundation of longtime Association partners that have been with us through the years:

Wrangler Jeans and Shirts - The marketing phrase "Long Live Cowgirls" sums it all up. A company that has always been there for the Western industry making jeans that fit for comfort to ride a horse or be in style to go out for dinner. They offer our members many choices in clothing that support the WPRA Dress code with style.

Ram Trucks - A longstanding company that makes a truck that is designed for the comfort and safety needed to go down the road in style. There is not a truck out there like it that has the class and power to haul anything! Congratulations to Ivy Conrado, who recently won a $20,000 voucher from Ram for winning the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo.

Montana Silversmiths - Known as "The Brand of Champions" we are proud to not only partner with but to showcase the beautiful craftsmanship that goes into each and every piece. Their skilled craftsmen design products which blend classic Western elements with contemporary flair using crisp engraving styles for a truly timeless fashion.

Justin Boots - An icon in the western culture and the leader in Western-influenced footwear. The Justin Boot Company is the title sponsor of the Justin Best Footing Awards program for the WPRA that began back in the early 1990s. Each year, with the support of Justin Boots, the WPRA recognizes the top three rodeo committees in all 12 circuits as well as the most improved ground committee in each circuit, which puts forth the extra effort to ensure their rodeo has the safest most consistent ground possible for barrel racing.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to support all our Corporate Partners that keep the WPRA strong and valuable. As a WPRA member take advantage of all these companies have to offer and help support those that support your Association.

We recently concluded our second year in Kissimmee, Florida, for the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo and a big thanks goes to the Osceola County Commissioners, the County Administrators and their staff for rolling out the red carpet for our member and our Board of Directors. It was a great weekend and look for this event to only get bigger and better.

The new 2016 WPRA Board of Directors had their Spring meeting since the recent elections and it was a very productive meeting. I have already mentioned our Corporate Partnership growth but also pleased to inform you, we are experience a growth in membership and are financially stable as we continue the 2016 season. We were honored to have Steve Miller of Montana Silversmiths, Jake Gibbs of Professional’s Choice and Mary Jane Carpenter of Resistol join us at our meeting to give us a little more background on their respective companies and allow our directors to ask questions.

I would also like to mention our partnership with the PRCA and that I have had some good meetings with them. The WPRA and the PRCA are great partners in the sport of Rodeo and there is nothing better than our future together.

In closing, I would like to remind all members that would like to submit a rule proposal to be considered for the 2017 rodeo season that they are due no later than May 14. Visit www.wpra.com for more information.

God Bless,

April, 2016

Wow! What a journey!!! I am so grateful for the support and I am honored for the opportunity to serve as your President.
As I look back on my rodeo journey, that began in 1978, I am in awe of the opportunities I have been given along the route and feel each one has helped me prepare for my new role.

I began my WPRA journey competing in the First Frontier Circuit. In the early 80's, circumstances required me to hang up my spurs for a while and start a business career outside of rodeo. I pursued the fashion industry and landed a job with Ralph Lauren. Under his guidance, I learned what it takes to run a successful business. I couldn't have asked for a better education as it has propelled me to where I am today.

In 2010, I was elected as the WPRA Southeastern Circuit Director. I believe my 5 years of hard work and time I put into serving as a Southeastern Circuit Director ,gave me the education I needed to make the difference in the circuit’s success. I am proud to say the Southeastern circuit has been the largest growing circuit for the past 4 years, helping to create new rodeos, better ground conditions at rodeos , working with new producers for co-approvals, opened communications with judges and most of all growth in membership. I was also asked during this time to join the PRCA Southeastern Circuit Board as Treasurer.

I am confident in my strengths as a business women to create great relationships with committees, contractors, sponsors and our members. I am passionate and a true believer of what the Women's Professional Rodeo Association stands for and I look forward to continuing to elevate the sport of rodeo.

I am excited to serve with Vice President Jerri Mann, who retained her position on the Board. I have worked with her the last five years on the board and I am excited about what the future holds for this Association. I would like to congratulate the new members of the board - Chris Powers (Columbia River Circuit), Patty Roberts (Southeastern Circuit) and Marlene McRae (Futurity/Derby). I look forward to working with all the remaining directors that include Lois Ferguson (Texas), Julie Herman (Wilderness), Eileen-Lang Kramme (First Frontier), Dillon McPherson (Montana), Melanie Luark (Mountain States), Margo Ransom (Great Lakes), April Denny (Turquoise), Heidi Schmidt (Badlands), Marguerite Happy (California) and Patti McCutchen (Roping).What a great team of Board of Directors! Nothing better then to give the time and dedication with a team that cares!

My first order of business as the new president was to congratulate WPRA's first $3 million career earnings holder, Sherry Cervi. What an amazing milestone to reach and Sherry is a great representative of the WPRA. It is also exciting to know that she crossed the $2 million mark in 2010 and now to start the 2016 season, she has surpassed $3 million. It is my goal to continue to grow the sport and opportunities for our members.

We will have a Board of Directors meeting at the RNCFR in Kissimmee, FL., April 6th through April 10th.

I look forward to serving as your President.

God Bless
Doreen Wintermute