Futurity/Derby Program Nominations

Program Nominations

Nomination First Name Last Name Registered Name Sire Dam
Derby Karen Gleason Cadi Ta Fame A Smooth Guy Daves Jet Ta Fame
Derby Janci Hannen Charmed N A Doll Famous Charmer Frenchmans Doll
Derby Hilary Van Gerpen Danger On The Rocks Firewaterontherocks Pietana
Derby Donna Heinen DH Attempt Ta French Frenchmans Guy CP Hoot Ta Boot
Derby Susie Reese Diamondique First Gridiron Patina
Derby Cheyenne Hattesen Einsteins Boomerilla Einsteins Revolution Angierilla Boom
Derby Ashley Day Flash N Dynamite First Moonflash Ima Dyno Doc Tari
Derby Hilary Van Gerpen Flits Complicated Firewater Finale Its Complicated
Derby Sharon Ann Munn French Babalulu Ante Up Guy Bully Babalu
Derby Dusdee Shepperson French Glitz N Glam Perks French Cash Aliven Packin
Derby Cheryl Wallace Frostmans Houdini Frostman San Peppy Magnolia Whistle 
Derby Janci Hannen Guy With Speednclass Frenchmans Guy Smashingly Classic
Derby Samantha Lane Guys Oregon Twist Guys Pocket Coin Dandy Pistol Twist
Derby Heather Bauman Harvey P Wild French Streaktovegas Joni Jacolynn
Derby Ashley Day Heza Frosty Cowboy Cowboys Cartel YU Laughing Frost
Derby Jody Tucker KG Azure Cashin Chex Azyoucansee Winning Gold Chex
Derby Kathy Grimes KG Juststealingcash Judge Cash Do It For Beau
Derby Karen Gleason Mobetta Fame A Smooth Guy Daves Jet Ta Fame
Derby Angel Rae Miller Mymymonkeybusiness The Green Monkey Nine Fifty Five
Derby Margaret Jones Pays To Be Smooth A Smooth Guy Fame N Money
Derby Shelley Holman Phrozen Phame Bullys Primetimediva
Derby Michelle DeBoer Raise The Bar Nicki JL Dash Ta Heaven Nicki Nicki Bar
Derby Fonda  Melby RF Chrome In Black Slick By Design RC Back In Black
Derby Hilary Van Gerpen SEVS Judgement Day Judge Cash Dancing Kaweah Jet
Derby Margaret Jones Shes Packin Dynamite Famous Charmer NF Frenchmans Dyna
Derby Amanda  Olson Sheza Case Dashair Its High
Derby Whitney  Diamond Shine On By Show Time at the Apollo Ms McShine
Derby Margaret Jones Smooth Operraider A Smooth Guy Rare Red Raider
Derby Tammy Barnes Stairs Ta Fame Firewater Ta Fame Madera Dash A Flight
Derby Ashley  Nelson Stevie Rae Magnum Magnum Chic Dream Starlights Sally
Derby Karen Gleason Streak Ta Fling A Streak of Fling Daves Jet Ta Fame
Derby Casi Guess This Cats Streakin A Streak of Fling Cats Savannah
Derby Bailey Webb-Olson VR Jojo Wood Pay PC Lone Paywood Nicki Jo Gal
Derby Noel Cosca Wood Buzz For Cash Buzz Word Cashy Driftwood
Futurity Amelia McCumber Aint Seen Famous Yet Aint Seen Nothin Yet A Nasty Chick
Futurity Jaime Glasby AJ Vanilla Lady Vanila Viper MI Lady Kip
Futurity Donna Kalish Alive N Dazzlin Firewater Finale Dashers Little Bug
Futurity Michelle DeBoer Bet On Moonshine Chicados Cash Mulberry Moonshine
Futurity Wendy Platts Beter Watchthis Guyz Frenchmans Guy Serious Spender
Futurity Hilary Van Gerpen Better Call Saul Frostman San Peppy Eyema Loving Doll
Futurity Dana Murrell Burn It Up Hollywood Heats Up Burn It Up Bullet
Futurity Heidi Gunderson Cheep Thrills A Streak Of Fling Shes Playin For Chex
Futurity Shelley Holman Cimarron Lane Tafame The Goodbye Lane Silver Shu Shine
Futurity Margaret Jones CM Little Red Rodeo Fire on Big Nonstop Bubbles
Futurity Amelia McCumber Corona Two Eyed Corona Caliente Two Eyed Huney
Futurity Crystal Goldstein Cross My Heart 37 No Pressure On Me Frenchmans Lil Perk
Futurity Donna Heinen DH Fling In Ta Fame A Streak of Fling CP Hoot Ta Boot
Futurity Donna Heinen DH Smoothguy Ta Fame A Smooth Guy CP Hoot Ta Boot
Futurity Margaret Jones DOUBLEDOWNONTHISGUY Frenchmans Guy Kwynns Dash
Futurity Dusdee Shepperson EyeSoStreakinSpecial Eyesa Special JC A Morman Girl
Futurity Cheyenne Hattesen Fairlea Mr Elwood Silver Gun Fairlea Swiss Miss
Futurity Lacey Robinson Featurin The Royalty Feature Mr Bojangles Royaltys First Dance
Futurity Fonda  Melby Fiddle Me To Gold Guys Special Leader RC Flare For Gold
Futurity Fonda  Melby Fling The French A Streak Of Fling RTF Moon The French
Futurity Karen Gleason Guyz Fame A Smooth Guy Daves Jet Ta Fame
Futurity Rylea Platts Guyz Girlz Have Fame Frenchmans Guy Fames Licorice Kiss
Futurity Heidi Gunderson JD Famous Charlie Famous Bugs Hug A Memory
Futurity Kimberly Nass Jessa Jigawatt Frenchmans Chico Jessa Blue Eyed Gal
Futurity Ashley  Nelson JoJo Wild Wilds My thing Trulena Light
Futurity Kathy Grimes KG JUSTINITTOWINIT KG Azure Winnin Chex KG Justiceweexpected
Futurity Kathy Grimes KG What Diduexpect Judge Cash Do It For Beau
Futurity Jamie Wendt Knu Beginnings Knud With Wings Eyes So Classy
Futurity Kristine Nolan LC Wily Miss Leo 269 Go Dash Leo Hancock LC Wily Miss Leo 106
Futurity Lisa Fernandes LFB Rounder McGee Lins First Bullet Instant Scooter
Futurity Susie Reese Make A Stash Divide The Cash Aflamin
Futurity Whitney  Diamond Miss Sammy Train Freighttrain B Miss Sound Dancer
Futurity Heidi Gunderson Nacho Money Honey More Nachos Sun Bar Ruler
Futurity Emily Griffin NotEvenIfTheresAFire Dash Ta Fame Flit N Fire
Futurity Angel Rae Miller Oklahoma Canyon Guys Canyon Moon Real Easy Fuel
Futurity Ashley Day Pipers Design Slick By Design Bucks For Bullet
Futurity Amanda  Olson Red Smashed Cash TR Illumniator Cash Diega Tivio
Futurity Fonda  Melby RF Back For The Cash Judge Cash RC Back In Black
Futurity Lacey Robinson Rockin Genuine Fame KS Cash N Fame Hot Prima Donna
Futurity Hilary Van Gerpen SD Dash Ta Colonel A Dash Ta Streak Spartans Bay Slider
Futurity Hilary Van Gerpen SR First Down Rocks Firewaterontherocks Miss Dallas Is First
Futurity Crystal Goldstein Stolis Fire Stolli And Whiskey Firewater Loma
Futurity Ashley Day Streakin Bullets A Dash Ta Streak Queen of Bullets
Futurity Lacey Robinson Sweet Stinson Eddie Stinson Sweet Willow Bay
Futurity Debbie Pate Tagg Your It Famous Charmer Micha Bay Perks
Futurity Kim Keith Toast To Breezy Toast To Dash Be A Smokin Bug
Futurity Joey Williams Ton Of Smoke Smoke N Sunrise MF Two Ton Flicka
Futurity Heidi Gunderson Tuff Dark Legacy Darkelly Mego Lady Bug
Futurity Jessica Miller UR Famous In Red Dash Ta Fame Denas Dividend
Futurity Heather Bauman Vegas Quick Sand French Streaktovegas HOC Colonel Freckles
Futurity Michelle DeBoer VF Tempting A Wheely Tempting Dash Wheely Quick
Futurity Payton Jacques Watch Out Or Elsa Ocean Runaway Six It Up
Futurity Noel Cosca Wood Get The Cash Buzz Word Cashy Driftwood