Below are important documents and forms related to equine medications and prohibited substances:


December 9, 2019
The WPRA Board of Directors met during the WNFR to follow up on the recommendations from the Board’s Prohibited Substances committee to better align the WPRA fine policy with the needs of our sport. The Board agreed, in a unanimous decision, to the recommendations from the Prohibited Substances committee which have been developed over the last few years. The following changes are in effect at this time:
·         No fine for an overage of a single NSAID.
·         No fine for the use of CBD until more research is obtained on it.
·         No fine for therapeutic use of Clenbuterol or Albuterol when it is prescribed by a veterinarian and the prescription is provided to the WPRA office on the correct forms and in the required time frame. This is in effect until more information is received by the Board from the Equine Medications & Prohibited Substances committee. 
·         COX inhibitors are not considered part of stacking.
·         Requirements have been established regarding safe testing areas and procedures at rodeo grounds.
The WPRA Board of Directors wants to thank the Board’s Prohibited Substances committee for their efforts to clarify the WPRA’s fine policy. These changes are effective immediately. The Board will continue to monitor violations and adjust as needed.

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