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2017 Rule Proposal Decisions & Clarifications Are Finalized

7/24/16 -  As of this past week, the WPRA Board of Directors has completed the 2017 rule proposal review process. As part of that process, the Board works very hard to understand each proposal, the intention behind it and if it were a good fit for the WPRA. Many hours, meetings and discussion go into making a final decision. This link will take you to a summary that reflects each proposal (and clarifications that are sometimes needed) and the Board’s decision regarding it. There are two proposals that I want to point out to you. The first is a bylaw rule addition that covers membership criteria. For decades the WPRA has sanctioned professional barrel racing events. These events allow us to deliver World Championship Barrel Racing® at its best and to recognize each year’s World Championship Barrel Racer®. This bylaw supports what the WPRA brand stands for and provides clarity around our membership criteria. Your Board is responsible for maintaining a healthy organization and making sure that as a business, the WPRA protects its assets. This bylaw is intended to do that. The bylaw reads as follows:

Membership in the WPRA shall not be granted to anyone who is an officer, director, board member, employee, or who has an ownership or financial interest of any kind in a Conflicting Rodeo Association. Such persons will not receive membership or renewal of membership of any kind with WPRA. For purposes of this rule, A Conflicting Rodeo Associations is: (i) any national non-profit company, partnership, association, or entity, or (ii) any “for-profit” company, partnership, association, or other entity: whose direct or indirect purpose is to produce, promote, or sanction professional rodeo contests in which contestants compete in two or more of the following events: barrel racing, bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, bull riding, tie down roping, steer wrestling, and team roping. This rule excludes All Women’s Roping Events.

The second proposal has to do with our Patch program. While there are more details in the actual rule proposal decision summary, briefly we have added more flexibility for sponsors (and importantly national sponsors) to have their patches worn by members and have outlined our violation fines.

An updated 2017 Rule Book will be posted online by Friday of this coming week for you to view. Hard copies of the 2017 Rule Book will be mailed out, late September/early October along with membership cards.