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2022 Rookie Standings
(last updated 2022-01-18)

Money Won
Rodeos Attended
1 Bugg Beeler (R) Terrell, TX $2,968.607
2 Taycie Matthews (R) Wynne, AR $2,953.768
3 Jamie Olsen (R) Brock, TX $2,485.428
4 Presley Smith (R) Denham Springs, LA $2,319.115
5 Jordan Driver (R) Garden City, TX $2,079.658
6 Laura Mote (R) Llano, TX $1,936.562
7 Cheyenne Cason (R) Fort White, FL $1,430.212
8 Teneille Angland (R) Cisco, TX $1,425.1011
9 Wendy Cline (R) Hempstead, TX $1,397.042
10 Brittany Day (R) Baker, FL $740.917
11 Bryana Lehrmann (R) Lexington, TX $738.207
12 Codi Harman (R) Whitesboro, TX $643.192
13 Bayleigh Choate (R) Fort Worth, TX $515.877
14 Jessie Graham (R) Chatom, AL $338.4011
15 Jessica Krambeer (R) Temecula, CA $294.172
16 Bailey Woehler (R) Belgrade, MN $253.801
17 Alanna Sing (R) Tulare, CA $213.941
18 Alea Cunningham (R) Arroyo Grande, CA $197.773
19 Monica Gillespie (R) Durant, OK $189.172
20 Riley Shetron (R) Shippensburg, PA $106.751
21 Emily Grace Turner (R) Haines City, FL $69.192