Privacy is an important issue, so we operate with protection of your privacy in mind. This Privacy Policy outlines the personal information we gather and some of the steps we take to safeguard it.

The following principles apply to the personally identifying information we may ask for or that you provide to us. "Personally identifying information" is information that individually identifies you, such as your WPRA card #, name, address or email address.

• Some of our services use or contain personally identifiable information such as WPRA card #, your name ,address or email. We use information such as WPRA card #, name, address or email in order to enter you into a requested event or to communicate with you.

• We may provide access to such information to 3rd parties who assist us in the business of creating, sponsoring or operating equine events , who provide online entry access or for our internal purposes.

• We do not provide access to such information to companies or individuals that are not in the business of equine entertainment related to events such as: Barrel Racing, Roping and Rodeo.

• Some of our 3rd party partners may require you to enter information for credit card processing, such as name, address, credit card account info for services such as payment processing. We will use that information to provide the payment processing service and do not store or maintain credit card data in our systems. We do not provide credit card information to anyone other than required info to a 3rd party processing service to process the credit card transaction. Providing this data is performed using standard internet encryption via ssl.

Please note this Privacy Policy will change from time to time.